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Frequently Asked Water Filter Questions

We answer all your questions about water filters, from walking you through how to find the filter you need, how to replace it in your fridge, troubleshooting routine problems, maintenance and care for your water filter, and how to sign up for our subscription service. To learn more please visit our Water Filter FAQ page:

When should I replace my water filter?

Manufacturers recommend that you change your filter every six months with regular water usage. If you use your water dispenser more than average or have poor water conditions due to your location, it may need to be changed more frequently.

Why is it important to change my water filter?

Failure to change your filter at least every six months will allow contaminants to overfill your filter, causing it to leak these potentially toxic chemicals back into your drinking water. With an outdated filter, your water may even contain more pollutants than unfiltered water. Changing your filter infrequently can also reduce the water pressure in the filtering system and can lead to a buildup of lime scale which can wreak havoc on your appliance. Not to mention, an expired filter could cause a change in taste and odor.

How do I sign up for a water filter subscription?

To make it easier for you to keep your water filter up to date we have created a Water Filter Subscription Program that delivers a water filter to your door however often your refrigerator requires (cycles of 3 months, 6 months (recommended), or 12 months).

Signing up is easy. Once you have selected your water filter, you will be given the option to sign up for a subscription by selecting the cycle period best suited to your water filter needs. This will initiate free shipping on that order and free shipping on all future water filter deliveries done through the subscription.

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