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How to Fix an Air Conditioner Not Blowing Air

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Fan and Fan Motor

If your window air condition turns on but won’t blow cold air, the issue could be with the fan or fan motor not spinning. The fan draws air from the room over the cold evaporator coils, and then blows the cooled air into the room. No cold air coming from the air conditioner can mean the circulating fan is running too slow or not at all. A side effect of a broken fan is that the evaporator coils can frost over without the necessary air flow. Remove the cabinet to inspect the fan and fan motor. Check the fan blades for damage, and make sure no objects are keeping them from rotating. Check to see if the fan blades and motor turn easily, if not they need to be replaced. If the fan and fan motor appear to be in working order, there may be another issue that can be detected by testing the parts with a multi-meter, however those tests should only be performed by a qualified person.

Fan Motor Capacitor

Your window air conditioner may turn on but not blow cold air because of an issue with the fan motor capacitor. This part aids the fan motor in circulating cold air. If the motor is making a humming noise or turning very slowly, the capacitor may need to be replaced. These parts are located within the air conditioner cabinet. Remove the cabinet cover and check that the motor and fan can rotate easily, without any foreign objects blowing them. Also check the wires for any signs of wear, burning, or other damage. If the capacitor is not obviously damaged, it should be tested by a qualified technician.

Electronic Control Board or PCB Assembly

Your air conditioner may turn on but now blow cold air if the control board, also known as the PCB assembly, is not working properly. The control board helps to power the fan motor and compressor circuits to circulate cooled air. The control board relays can be tested for functionality with a multi-meter, but only by a qualified person. A defective relay or circuitry component means the control board should be replaced.

Air Filter

If your window air conditioner is on but won’t blow cold air, it could be as simple as a clogged air filter. The air filter catches particles from the fan before they can be circulated into your home with the cold air. After a buildup of dust, dirt, and other particles, the filter becomes too clogged to function, restricting air flow and keeping the other parts from working to circulate cold air. The air filter is located near the evaporator and front grille. Replace the air filter, and also take this opportunity to clean off the evaporator coils if you notice a buildup of dust and dirt. Simply use water, soap, and a soft brush to clean then off.

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