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Idler Bracket Spacer

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PartSelect Number PS11748483
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10116756
Manufactured by Whirlpool

This part works with the following brands: Maytag, Whirlpool, International.

This part works with the following products: Dryer, Range.

This part fixes the following symptoms:

  • Noisy.

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Parts Used:
  • Idler Bracket Spacer
Level of Difficulty: Really Easy
Time to do repair: 30 - 60 mins
Tools: Nutdriver, Screw drivers
Customer: Jeff from Gardendale, AL

Idler pulley, idler bracket, idler spacer & belt worn from age

First I unplugged the machine; an essential to avoiding getting shocked during this repair. This is a must and should not be overlooked it could cost you your life.

Removed two screws from lower area of front panel, pulled bottom of front panel toward yourself so as to swing out and up, continue to swing panel up to your self until it comes free from top clips.

Once free set gently on floor and remove door switch wires, noting which wire goes to which contact is not essential but could be more convenient when putting it all back together.

Remove door switch wire from clasp at top inside from panel, set front panel aside in safe place.

Now look under the two top front corners on the inside and you will see a screw in each corner; these screws must be removed in order to raise top panel.

This is kind of tedious because sometimes these screws are long and difficult to turn and space is limited and tight in getting rachet or nut driver on the head of these screws.

Be patient , because they will come out with a little work. To make this process a little easier you might do the following step first but you cannot do this little trick when putting it back together.

Once these screws are out raise top panel and lean back against wall; be careful because the two enamel surfaces are slick and if leaned too far back the top will want to slide out at the bottom from being on a lean.

Remove four screws from tumbler front, lift slightly so as to come off side clips then pull straight out. Remove door wire from clasp and drop wire gently back inside so as to let it fall to the bottom of the machine and away from the tumbler, which is to be removed next.

Once this is done the tumbler will go down in the front due to pressure from belt. The belt could have been removed from pulley right from the start to relieve this tension but I just do it this way.

Once tumbler sags or leans down in the front gently work the belt off of the back of the tumbler; there will still be a little pressure on the belt and gentle force may be required in sliding it toward the back and then off; once belt is off gently lift tumbler up and out and put in a safe place.

Once this is done you will be able to easily see everything in the bottom of the dryer; motor, gas valves, thermal switches, vent pipe and pulley, pulley bracket and belt which by this time has fallen to the bottom of dryer; gently remove belt from pulley and set aside in safe place.

Make sure it is out of reach of children or it will be played with or used as a hangmans noose; it is long an flexible and children just seem to love playing with it.

At this point you can either continue to work from the front of the machine or the back; I f you choose to work from the back then lower the top panel so as to allow it to just sit back down on the sides of the machine, pull the machine away from the wall and work from the back; because I am experienced at this I continue to work from the front.

If you choose to work from the back then while standing in the back of the machine look to lower right corner and you will see an access panel with four screws in it; remove these screws and the panel will come free giving you a clear view of the belt pulley.

From either back or front view you will see a spring attached to pulley bracket which can easily be removed when pulley bracket is in relaxed position; remove this spring and put in a safe place if you have plans of reusing it. I installed a new spring on this repair.

Once this spring has been removed then look directly beneath bracket at what is easily seen to be its pivot point and you will see a mounting screw. Remove this screw with a nut driver and the bracket will then come completely free; slide through access hole and come out with it.

Once it is out the white spacer is easily seen on bracket; look at the bracket side of the spacer and you will see a mounting screw; remove this screw and spacer will come off.

When installing new space

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Parts Used:
Level of Difficulty: Really Easy
Time to do repair: 1- 2 hours
Tools: Nutdriver, Pliers, Screw drivers
Customer: Orson from Harrisburg, IL

Horrible squeaking when running

I did it exactly the way the video showed it. I thought I would have to take it out to the pole barn and spend 5-6 hours on it. Because of the excellent video, it was much easier than I thougt it would be.

Help other customers find the most helpful instructions.

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Model Cross Reference

This part works with the following models:

PartSelect Number: PS11748483
Manufacturer Part Number: WPW10116756
Brand Model Number Description
MaytagDE106Dryer - Electric
MaytagDE107Dryer - Electric
MaytagDE110Dryer - Electric
MaytagDE18CADryer - Electric
MaytagDE18CMDryer - Electric
MaytagDE18CSDryer - Electric
MaytagDE18CTDryer - Electric
MaytagDE19CADryer - Electric
MaytagDE19CDDryer - Electric
MaytagDE19CSDryer - Electric
MaytagDE19CTDryer - Electric
MaytagDE210Dryer - Electric
MaytagDE212Dryer - Residential
MaytagDE21CADryer - Electric
MaytagDE21CMDryer - Electric
MaytagDE21CSDryer - Electric
MaytagDE21CTDryer - Electric
MaytagDE22CADryer - Electric
MaytagDE22CSDryer - Electric
MaytagDE22CTDryer - Electric
MaytagDE23CDDryer - Electric
MaytagDE24CADryer - Electric
MaytagDE24CMDryer - Electric
MaytagDE24CSDryer - Electric
MaytagDE24CTDryer - Electric
MaytagDE25CSDryer - Electric
MaytagDE26CADryer - Commercial
MaytagDE26CDDryer - Commercial
MaytagDE26CSDryer - Electric
MaytagDE26CTDryer - Commercial