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SHELF – Part Number: 00798845
PartSelect #: PS9495699
Manufacturer #: 00798845
  In Stock
SENSOR – Part Number: 00630873
PartSelect #: PS10057828
Manufacturer #: 00630873
  In Stock
Bake Element – Part Number: 00791650
Bake Element
PartSelect #: PS9495682
Manufacturer #: 00791650
  In Stock
GLASS PANEL – Part Number: 00791632
PartSelect #: PS9495679
Manufacturer #: 00791632
  In Stock
INSERT – Part Number: 00631615
PartSelect #: PS9492682
Manufacturer #: 00631615
  In Stock
CAP – Part Number: 00631899
PartSelect #: PS9495596
Manufacturer #: 00631899
  In Stock
Broil Element – Part Number: 11021971
Broil Element
PartSelect #: PS12367464
Manufacturer #: 11021971
  In Stock
SCREW – Part Number: 00631346
PartSelect #: PS9495577
Manufacturer #: 00631346
  On Order
SENSOR – Part Number: 00755060
PartSelect #: PS9495617
Manufacturer #: 00755060
  In Stock
SHELF – Part Number: 00798846
PartSelect #: PS9495700
Manufacturer #: 00798846
  In Stock
SPACER – Part Number: 00631116
PartSelect #: PS8770360
Manufacturer #: 00631116
  In Stock
SCREW – Part Number: 00422102
PartSelect #: PS8713162
Manufacturer #: 00422102
  In Stock

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    July 27, 2021
    The bottom oven is overheating to the point of burning up everything in the oven, warning codes, door locks and we have to turn off at the panel. Is this the thermostate and what is the part number????
    For model number HBLP651RUC
    Hi Mary Jane, Thank you for contacting us. If the oven is not heating correctly, the issue may be with the oven sensor. The oven temperature sensor is the part that monitors the oven temperature and signals the electronic control board to turn the elements on and off. Before removing this part from the oven and testing it with a multimeter for continuity, unplug the oven from the electrical outlet. To test the sensor, you will need to reference your owner’s manual to determine what the correct reading should be for your model, as this varies from model to model. To test it for continuity, use a multimeter on the Rx1 setting and touch the terminals with the probes. This test needs to be done with the sensor at room temperature to produce accurate results. If your test results do not meet the manufacturer’s guidelines, you need a replacement temperature sensor. If the sensor is fine, you will need to check the elements, the electronic control board and the wiring between the parts to see which one is causing the issue. We hope this helps! If you have any questions, please let us know.

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