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Grease Filter – Part Number: 5303319568
Grease Filter
PartSelect #: PS466987
Manufacturer #: 5303319568
If you are having trouble cleaning out your grease filter, or if it is damaged to the point of no return, maybe it is time to replace it. The grease filter is a ventilator that traps grease from the e...
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Door Handle – Part Number: 5304440323
Door Handle
PartSelect #: PS979589
Manufacturer #: 5304440323
Screws NOT included.
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SWITCH – Part Number: 5304493153
PartSelect #: PS8769124
Manufacturer #: 5304493153
The relay switch may also be known as the door micro switch and is a part for your microwave. The function of this part is to monitor the door latch and communicate whether the door latch is open or c...
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Light Bulb - 20W – Part Number: 5304440031
Light Bulb - 20W
PartSelect #: PS979525
Manufacturer #: 5304440031
This 20-watt lightbulb is most commonly found in the microwave. The lightbulb brightens the interior of the microwave while it is running so you can keep an eye on the food while it cooks. You will ne...
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Waveguide Cover – Part Number: 5304440845
Waveguide Cover
PartSelect #: PS979653
Manufacturer #: 5304440845
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Glass Cooking Tray – Part Number: 5304441872
Glass Cooking Tray
PartSelect #: PS979771
Manufacturer #: 5304441872
The glass tray, used in a microwave, holds food plates and containers on it. The glass tray, also known as a turntable, rotates when the microwave is heating up food to ensure the plate of food is eve...
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Turntable Roller Guide – Part Number: 5304467717
Turntable Roller Guide
PartSelect #: PS2343051
Manufacturer #: 5304467717
The roller guide sits underneath the glass turntable tray in your microwave. If your microwave turntable tray is not rotating properly, you may need to replace the turntable roller guide. The function...
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Door Latch – Part Number: 5304440314
Door Latch
PartSelect #: PS979580
Manufacturer #: 5304440314
This black door latch enables the switches to make sure that the door is closed before it operates.
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Turntable Motor – Part Number: 5304440021
Turntable Motor
PartSelect #: PS979515
Manufacturer #: 5304440021
This turntable motor is used in microwaves. This is what rotates the glass tray so that your food is heatied evenly. The specs for this synchronous motor are 120 Volts, 60Hz, 3rpm, and 2.1 Watts. It f...
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DAMPER ASSEMBLY – Part Number: 5304464343
PartSelect #: PS2203383
Manufacturer #: 5304464343
This is an exhaust damper assembly for a microwave, which is also known as a microwave vent damper. The damper directs air flow through the vent duct from the top or rear of your microwave, depending ...
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Vent Grille - Black – Part Number: 5304498733
Vent Grille - Black
PartSelect #: PS10064897
Manufacturer #: 5304498733
This vent grille mounts on the top of the microwave above the door
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Filter – Part Number: 5304456425
PartSelect #: PS1532630
Manufacturer #: 5304456425
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Vent Grille Mounting Screw – Part Number: 5304441378
Vent Grille Mounting Screw
PartSelect #: PS979716
Manufacturer #: 5304441378
Sold individually.
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Door Latch Spring – Part Number: 5304440316
Door Latch Spring
PartSelect #: PS979582
Manufacturer #: 5304440316
The microwave door latch spring creates tension, and engages the door latch when the door is closed. This spring is made completely of metal, and is approximately 1 inch long. If your microwave door w...
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