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Medium Burner - 9.5K – Part Number: 316212400
Medium Burner - 9.5K
PartSelect #: PS439737
Manufacturer #: 316212400
The surface burner head is used for ranges and ovens, and is located on the cooktop, where the flames go up. The surface burner spreads the gas through holes to create an even flame throughout the ent...
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Igniter/Orifice Mounting Screw – Part Number: 316240600
Igniter/Orifice Mounting Screw
PartSelect #: PS440022
Manufacturer #: 316240600
This part is the igniter/orifice mounting screw for your cooktop or range. It is approximately ½ an inch in length and is made of metal. The mounting screw connects the orifice to the cooktop. If the ...
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Top Burner Knob – Part Number: 318242221
Top Burner Knob
PartSelect #: PS1529034
Manufacturer #: 318242221
Sold individually. This knob accepts a D-shaped shaft.
  In Stock
Center Burner Orifice - 9.5K – Part Number: 316237902
Center Burner Orifice - 9.5K
PartSelect #: PS439993
Manufacturer #: 316237902
  In Stock
BLACK BURNER CAP KI – Part Number: 5304507219
PartSelect #: PS11770663
Manufacturer #: 5304507219
This burner cap kit includes 5 black burner caps. The caps sit on top of the burner head. This part helps spread out the burner flame for even heating and protects the burner head from spills.
  No Longer Available
Burner Head – Part Number: 316206401
Burner Head
PartSelect #: PS2350723
Manufacturer #: 316206401
This burner head is used on gas stovetops. It is located underneath the burner cap.
  In Stock
SPARK MODULE – Part Number: 808608804
PartSelect #: PS11770793
Manufacturer #: 808608804
This part sends enough current to the igniter to create a spark to the bottom of the burner cap.
  In Stock
USE WCI 215822000 – Part Number: 131243700
USE WCI 215822000
PartSelect #: PS417260
Manufacturer #: 131243700
Sold Individually.
  In Stock
Burner - 17k – Part Number: 316223300
Burner - 17k
PartSelect #: PS820296
Manufacturer #: 316223300
  In Stock
Natural Gas Top Burner Orifice - 5,000 btu – Part Number: 316237903
Natural Gas Top Burner Orifice - 5,000 btu
PartSelect #: PS439994
Manufacturer #: 316237903
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Support Bracket – Part Number: 318264301
Support Bracket
PartSelect #: PS2332991
Manufacturer #: 318264301
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Bushing – Part Number: 318146301
PartSelect #: PS1150354
Manufacturer #: 318146301
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Gas stove won’t light on half the appliance
First we replaced the wiring harness because a multi-meter said it wasn’t getting power. That was only partially true. The wiring harness was burned looking so we just kept it instead of sending it back. When the spark module got here the burner caps were removed and then the wires were noted where they went on the module and then the power and gas were turned off. The spark module was removed and then the stove was tested and we were back in business.
Parts Used:
  • Julieta from ELMIRA, NY
  • Difficulty Level:
    A Bit Difficult
  • Total Repair Time:
    1- 2 hours
  • Tools:
    Screw drivers, Socket set
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Broken knobs
Parts were a perfect match
Parts Used:
Top Burner Knob
  • Dan from Key Colony Beach, FL
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
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