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Drain Valve – Part Number: N286039
Drain Valve
PartSelect #: PS10049093
Manufacturer #: N286039
Frequently referred to as a Drain Plug, this Drain Valve is used to drain any condensation that has collected inside the tank to prevent the tank from rusting. It is not part of a kit or assembly, is ...   No Longer Available
Air Compressor Kit – Part Number: K-0650
Air Compressor Kit
PartSelect #: PS10048100
Manufacturer #: K-0650
This kit is an OEM part direct from Craftsman for air compressors. This kit consists of the parts for building a piston cylinder in the compressor. It is recommended that you release air and unplug th...
  In Stock
Valve Plate Assembly – Part Number: Z-AC-0032
Valve Plate Assembly
PartSelect #: PS10054520
Manufacturer #: Z-AC-0032
Sourced directly from the manufacturer, this part is an exact replacement for various air compressors. Its primary purpose is to control the airflow through the pump. This part is an assembly that inc...
  In Stock
Cord – Part Number: SUDL-413-2
PartSelect #: PS10051735
Manufacturer #: SUDL-413-2
  No Longer Available
Compres Ring – Part Number: CAC-248-2
Compres Ring
PartSelect #: PS10043631
Manufacturer #: CAC-248-2
  In Stock
O-ring Kit – Part Number: ACG-45
O-ring Kit
PartSelect #: PS10042509
Manufacturer #: ACG-45
  In Stock
Fan – Part Number: ACG-22
PartSelect #: PS10042500
Manufacturer #: ACG-22
  In Stock
Nipple – Part Number: SSP-480
PartSelect #: PS10050780
Manufacturer #: SSP-480
  No Longer Available
Head Gskt – Part Number: N015593
Head Gskt
PartSelect #: PS10049045
Manufacturer #: N015593
  In Stock
Regulator – Part Number: D27253
PartSelect #: PS10044355
Manufacturer #: D27253
  In Stock
Piston, Rod Cylinder Kit – Part Number: A02743
Piston, Rod Cylinder Kit
PartSelect #: PS10039176
Manufacturer #: A02743
  No Longer Available
Filter – Part Number: ACG-12
PartSelect #: PS10042493
Manufacturer #: ACG-12
  In Stock

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Common Symptoms of the 919167780

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No compressed air
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these parts
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Air leak
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The air was bypassing the compressor gaskets and cylinder wall was worn out
1 remove cover
2 unhook air line to tank
3 remove head bolts
4 remove intake from head
5 remove flywheel bolt to free up pump piston
6 remove screw on top of piston to change out gasket
7 remove the cylinder sleeve install piston from the top
8 reassemble piston rod end and the flywheel
9 on the head cover are two gaskets one on top and one on the bottom head
10 insert intake piece and bolt the head cover back in place
11 reinstall the air line and unit cover and secure with three cover screws
Parts Used:
Air Compressor Kit
  • Charles from GARRISON, TX
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
  • Tools:
    Screw drivers, Socket set
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Can't find this special screw used on many housings etc
Actually don't like using Torx bits because they are hard to center deep in the channel. I had misplaced these forcing me to order replacements.
My plan is to insert Torx bits before screwing in and using jb weld to secure the bit to the screw, giving me a hex head. Can't find this special screw with a hex head. This screw is called AGC-408 by craftsman.
Parts Used:
  • Tim from Tucson, AZ
  • Difficulty Level:
    Very Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    15 - 30 mins
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