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Bump Head Knob Assembly – Part Number: 791-181468B
Bump Head Knob Assembly
PartSelect #: PS10013974
Manufacturer #: 791-181468B
This OEM bump head knob assembly, known simply as the bump head assembly sometimes, advances the line on your trimmer in the spool. Black in color, it is made of plastic and steel and is sold individu...
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Fuel Pick-Up Line with Filter – Part Number: 791-182353
Fuel Pick-Up Line with Filter
PartSelect #: PS10014339
Manufacturer #: 791-182353
The Fuel Pick Up Line with Filter is an OEM plastic part used to filter and deliver fuel to the carburetor. If broken, the engine will not get fuel and the part should be replaced. This part is rated ...
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Fuel Return Line – Part Number: 791-182352
Fuel Return Line
PartSelect #: PS10014337
Manufacturer #: 791-182352
The Fuel Return line is a blue plastic tube which attaches to the purge bulb and fuel tank in order to return fuel back to the tank after the primer bulb is pressed. It is rated "Easy" to install and ...
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Spark Plug – Part Number: 794-00043
Spark Plug
PartSelect #: PS9460333
Manufacturer #: 794-00043
  No Longer Available
Throttle Trigger – Part Number: 753-04119
Throttle Trigger
PartSelect #: PS11839169
Manufacturer #: 753-04119
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Blade Retainer Kit – Part Number: 791-180014B
Blade Retainer Kit
PartSelect #: PS10013398
Manufacturer #: 791-180014B
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Air Filter – Part Number: 791-181757
Air Filter
PartSelect #: PS10014105
Manufacturer #: 791-181757
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Reel and Line Assembly – Part Number: 791-181460B
Reel and Line Assembly
PartSelect #: PS10013969
Manufacturer #: 791-181460B
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Small Spring (2 Required for most models) – Part Number: 791-181459
Small Spring (2 Required for most models)
PartSelect #: PS10013968
Manufacturer #: 791-181459
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Slider – Part Number: 753-04257
PartSelect #: PS10009086
Manufacturer #: 753-04257
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Bump Head Knob Assembly – Part Number: 791-180814B
Bump Head Knob Assembly
PartSelect #: PS10013684
Manufacturer #: 791-180814B
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O-Ring, Carburetor – Part Number: 791-181751
O-Ring, Carburetor
PartSelect #: PS10014098
Manufacturer #: 791-181751
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