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36363693301 Kenmore Microwave - Parts

All parts for the Kenmore Microwave 36363693301

Below is a list of all parts for the Kenmore Microwave 36363693301. To find the repair part you need, you can browse the list below or you can narrow your choices by searching for a part by name or description.

All Parts for the 36363693301
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Halogen Light Bulb - 120V 20W

This lightbulb is located on the inside of your microwave. The bulb is behind the top grill. It will need to be replaced when it has burnt out and no longer works. Unplug the unit....


Line Fuse

This ceramic microwave fuse is just over an inch in length. It is white in the center, and metal on both ends. This is a 20-amp fuse, and is used to power your microwave. If the touch pad on the microwave becomes unresponsive, the microwave produces little to no heat, or the appliance simply does not turn on, it could mean that your fuse is at fault and needs to be replaced. Because this part contains an electrical charge, remember to disconnect power to the microwave unit before you begin this repair. NOTE: Before you start this repair, ensure that the microwave is unplugged, and the capacitor is discharged. A capacitor stores large amounts of electricity even after your microwave is unplugged.


Glass Cooking Tray

There are two different couplers (also known as a turntable shaft) that can be used for this tray - a male D-shaped shaft and a female D-shaped shaft. The couplers are sold separa...


Door Latch Assembly

This part is electrically designed for securing the door of the microwave while it’s in use.


Primary Door Interlock Switch

This interlock switch is located in the door latch.


Grease Filter - 2 Pack

This grease filter is a genuine replacement filter for a microwave. It includes 2 filters. It is metallic in color and measures about 7.7 inches wide and 5 inches tall. It features a finger tab for easy removal and installation. This grease filter traps grease and odors from the exhaust air which will maintain the smell of your food and protect your appliance and air quality.


Monitor Switch


Mounting Plate


Diode Cable


Grille Clip

Sold individually.


Wave Guide Cover


Oven Cavity Temperature Cut-Out

Also known as fuse.


Mounting Bolts - 3 Included


Door Choke Cover

All Parts for the 36363693301
1-14 of 72