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Aluminum Push Rod
PartSelect Number PS9073139
Manufacturer Part Number 690982
This is a replacement push rod for your lawn tractor engine. It is made of aluminum and is the push rod used for the exhaust valve. Occasionally, the push rod in your engine can become damaged, and will need to be replaced before your engine runs at full capacity. This push rod is approximately 6 inches in length, and is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
Installation Instructions
Robert from WHITMAN, MA
the head blew a vaulve guide destoying push rods
about 6 hours to tear down and replace don't do it in the hot sun needed more breaks takes longer, but the new factory heads did it started up 185 lbs of compression almost back to new, so much more power than old one's. FYI take off the motor cover every year clean out the debris (grass-mouse nest- and oil) it blocks the air and COOKS THE HEAD it only takes short time and will make that motor last a little longer but it is a BRIGGS engine Read more...
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Rod-Push (Exhaust)
PartSelect Number PS9066108
Manufacturer Part Number 692011
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PartSelect Number PS9151758
Manufacturer Part Number 793338
Installation Instructions
rodney from MUSCATINE, IA
governor not working
Had to pull the engine off the rider mower. Drained the oil took shield off the flywheel. Set it upside down on a 5 gal bucket. Took a 7/16 hand wrench to remove governor lever from bottom of engine. Left it in its location. Pulled 10 1/2 " bolts. Split engine case. Found the old governor had broke into pieces. Had to use a magnet to remove all the pieces. Removed the small clip and removed gear. Lubed shaft slid new on put new clip on. Lined governor weights with center piece tapped it in place very lightly. Cleaned gasket flanges pulled the shaft seal. Used the old seal as a seal driver. When putting the cover back on make sure the seal dont roll out. Take a mini screwdriver and tuck it in around shaft. Put bolts back in and tighten like instructions Read more...
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Adjuster--Rocker Arm
PartSelect Number PS9066105
Manufacturer Part Number 691986
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PartSelect Number PS9139836
Manufacturer Part Number 794305
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Rod-Push (Exhaust)(Aluminum)
PartSelect Number PS9063658
Manufacturer Part Number 691758
Installation Instructions
Exhaust push rod
Reverse of how i took broken exhuast value out.
It was simple just watch what you do. Also make sure you lash the value. U tube it.
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PartSelect Number PS9074718
Manufacturer Part Number 692194
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Ring Set
PartSelect Number PS9306695
Manufacturer Part Number 792026
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PartSelect Number PS9281494
Manufacturer Part Number 499586
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Breather Assembly
PartSelect Number PS9137619
Manufacturer Part Number 791779