Microwave Hacks for Daily Life

Ever since the microwave was invented, it has been saving home cooks who are short on time. Whether it's re-heating leftovers or heating up water for tea, the microwave is one of the hardest-working kitchen appliances. But it's not just for warming up prepared food anymore; the microwave is also a versatile appliance that can be used in unexpected ways. The microwave hacks contained in this infographic will provide many shortcuts for your food prep routine!

Knowing how to utilize your microwave for food prep can save you time and help you make the most out of your food. For example, when juicing a citrus fruit, try putting it in the microwave for 20 seconds to soften it up a bit. This will yield you the most juice, without having to strain your muscles! Or, microwave garlic or tomatoes before cooking to make them easier to peel.

Your renewed zest for microwaving foods may come at a steep price: a big mess in your microwave, or the need to replace some microwave parts. The solution to this lies in, you guessed it, another microwave hack! Simply place a bowl of water with two squeezed-out lemon halves (and their juice) in the microwave and set for five minutes. This will allow you to easily wipe down any food that may have dried on the microwave walls. Read on for more microwave hacks including how to disinfect a cutting board or kitchen sponge!

Microwave Hacks for Daily Life

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