Keepin' It Fresh: Refrigerator Revamp Guide

Did you know that 40% of food in the US is going uneaten each year? From the farm to the fridge to the fork, and finally on to the landfill, only about 60% of food is being consumed. In America, the average family is throwing out about 25% of the food they purchase. This is thought be caused by an undervaluing of food, due to its bounty and relative cheapness. Americans are only spending about 7% of their income on food, which is very low compared to other nations. Western Europeans spend an average of 13% of their income on food, and many African nations are spending north of 40%.

Aside from changing how we look at food, there are simpler ways we can cut down on waste. We can definitely reduce our waste by ensuring that our refrigerators run efficiently, and that we store foods in the correct sections of the fridge. Did you know that some areas of your fridge are cooler? Keeping food products that spoil easily in one of the cooler areas can extend the lifespan of your groceries. Also, many fridges have ethylene gas emitters that help keep produce from rotting. Look below to learn what to put on your refrigerator doors and shelves, and what humidity level is optimal. Additionally, we've compiled efficiency hacks that'll have your refrigerator running more smoothly and economically in no time!

Keepin' It Fresh: Refrigerator Revamp Guide

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