Black Friday Appliance Survival Guide

Black Friday Sales

The busiest shopping day of the year is just around the corner and the anticipation is getting hard to handle. One of the most important things to remember during this retail holiday is that good prices don't always equal good value. While we may not be experts when it comes to Black Friday shopping, we do know a thing or two about appliances. In an effort to help you get the best appliance for the best price this year, we thought we'd share a bit of our knowledge. If you're looking to buy a fancy new fridge or a matching washer and dryer, take a second to read through our appliance shopping guide before heading out the door. We promise you'll thank us when you're not stuck shopping for the same thing a few years down the road.

Orange Stove

There are a few important things you need to think about before heading out an appliance buying adventure this Black Friday. Start by making a list of your must haves in the appliance you're shopping for. What size should it be? This is an important one. Also measure the space available in your kitchen before making a purchase. Trying to squeeze a 28inch fridge into a space designed for a 26inch one is not going to work. Do you have a certain color in mind? How about features – which ones are most important to you? Nailing down the answers to these questions early on will keep you moving when a sale seems too good to pass on – even at a steal of a deal, that orange stove won't look too hot in your kitchen. Next, set a budget - what would you ideally like to spend and what's the most you can comfortably afford?

Although the best deals do tend to be on pairs or sets of appliances, if you're only looking for one piece you should still be able to find it at a great price. Do a little research ahead of time to find out which stores are including appliances in their sales this year. Most major retailers include a little bit of everything in their promotions, but some of the smaller, local outfits might also be offering great discounts this year and stopping by could be worth your while. Not only are smaller stores less likely to be jam packed with shoppers, you'll probably also have the opportunity to ask more questions about the appliance you're interested in - always a bonus.

What do you need to know about each appliance before buying? Check out our tips and tricks below.


French door fridge
  • What's more practical for your kitchen – a side by side, French door or top and bottom fridge and freezer?
  • Is an ice and water dispenser important to you? Keep in mind, the more mechanism's your fridge has, the more opportunities there is for something to break.
  • Frost-free fridges are a must – if you're going for a base model, make sure to confirm that your unit includes this.
  • Don't like cleaning your condenser coils? You'll want a model that encloses them.

Ranges and Ovens:

  • Gas or electric? Electric ranges are the more popular of the two but gas has a tendency to be more accurate when it comes to temperature and consume less energy.
  • Are you looking for conventional or convection? If you're someone who loves to cook and spends a lot of time in the kitchen, a convection oven will be well worth the splurge.
  • Traditional or induction? If efficiency is important, go for the induction.
  • Do you have a preference over a smooth top stove or one with coil element?
  • Are you always the one cooking big holiday meals or do you entertain a lot? You migh t want to consider a warming drawer as an essential range requirement.


Dishwasher For Sale
  • You'll want to think about energy consumption – today's dishwashers tend to be quite efficient but that also means the washes are usually a little longer.
  • Water consumption is another important factor to consider – if this is important to you, look for machines with 'low water' or 'quick wash' options.
  • If your electricity costs peak at times of high use, you'll definitely want a delay start option.
  • How many cycles do you realistically need? The standards include – light, regular, pots and pans as well as the economy settings.
  • If you appreciate the sound of silence, look for a model that boasts a quiet wash.

Washing Machines:

  • Are you partial to a top-loading machine? If not, consider a front-loader - while the load size may be smaller, it's much more energy efficient.
  • Washing machines can be very technical these days, offering every option under the sun. If simple is all you need, just make sure you have these three cycles – long, timed and permanent press (low spin).
  • Cold water washing has proven to be just as effective as using hot water - you'll appreciate the option to pick and choose depending on what you're washing.
  • Do you need built in fabric softener and bleach dispensers?
  • High-efficiency washing machines can be a lot more work than the traditional top loader – brush up on the differences before committing to put in the extra effort.


  • Again, you have to ask yourself whether gas or electric is more suitable to your needs. Electric are more popular but if you have the ability for natural gas or propane in your home that option may be the most cost effective.
  • Are you going to be stacking your dryer on top of your washer?
  • Is capacity important? If you have a smaller washing machine, that large drum dryer might not be necessary.
  • You should always check for the most-used settings like – various temperatures, timed cycles, permanent press (low spin) and high spin.
  • Some models have an end of cycle alarm – if you often forget your clothes in the dryer, this might be an important setting to consider.

Last but not least, it's very important to consider the environmental impact of your appliance. In comparison to what was available 25 years ago, modern appliances are quite energy efficient but there are still some things that you need to take into account. Spend a few minutes browsing our Guide to Energy Efficient Appliances and learn everything there is to know about EnergyStar Appliances before you head out the door!

Happy shopping!

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