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Light Bulb - 120V 25W
PartSelect Number PS11747806
Manufacturer Part Number WPA3073101
This light bulb is a 120 volt, 25 watt incandescent appliance light bulb with a small base screw-in that fits in a variety of appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, cooktops, or stoves. Its purpose is to light up the appliance when the door is open. This is a genuine OEM part. You may need to replace the light bulb if the existing bulb is burnt out or broken. This light bulb is sold individually and is a common wear part, it is recommended to order a spare.
Installation Instructions
Arau from Haverhill, MA
The door was crocked and wouldn't shut properly
Everything was easy. I read one of your other reviews and it gave me the confidence to try it myself. First i toke off the cap at the top of the door then the three screws. I lifted the door off so i could be sure the cam was my only problem then put the door back on. That took 5 mins. Then I got on the computer and ordered the parts i needed. Two days later the parts arrived and and i took the door off again. Then put the new cam on, applied a litle vasiline, put the door back on and forgot that i ever had a problem. Thanks for the help. Doug Arau Read more...
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Refrigerator Door Switch
PartSelect Number PS12728638
Manufacturer Part Number W11384469
Door switch turns the light off when you close the door.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Clint from Rayville, MO
Lights inside refrigerator not working
I used a flat-head screwdriver to pop out the old light rocker switch. Then, I unplugged the wires, plugged them into the new light rocker switch, and then popped the new switch into the hole. That's it! Lights began working again. Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS12114323
Manufacturer Part Number W11117769
This is an OEM part that is made of metal and sold individually. The leveling leg is generally used with refrigerators, dryers, freezers, ranges, cooktops, and microwaves. The leveling leg is meant to keep your appliance steady and level to the floor. If you notice your appliance is uneven to the floor it may need to have the leveling leg replaced. You will notice that the bottom of the leveling leg has a smooth surface to ensure moving your appliance does not require as much effort. This part screws into a pre-drilled hole underneath the appliance.
Installation Instructions
stephen from montgomery, NY
No leveling legs
Ordered the leveling bolts, very fast shipping, parts correct as shown. Purchased a condo by the shore, frige had no levelers, they went in smoothly & was done in no time.
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Freezer Door Key
PartSelect Number PS11743291
Manufacturer Part Number WP61859-1
This metal freezer door key fits upright freezers. It has a cross shape and is approximately 2 inches long. If your freezer door will not stay shut, you can lock the door to keep it closed. If your key will not lock, or unlock the freezer door; check to see if it has been damaged or bent. If the key is damaged, you should look to replace it to avoid damaging the lock. The key should engage the locking mechanism with ease. If the lock sticks when you turn the key, use penetrating fluid to loosen the mechanism. These keys are sold individually, and should be stored somewhere safe and not next to the unit.
Installation Instructions
Robert from Sacramento, CA
Door gasket leak
Followed other instructions posted. Put gasket in dryer for a few minutes. My son held gasket back while I removed/reinstalled screws. It would have been much more difficult if I had attempted to do it by my self Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS11742796
Manufacturer Part Number WP52185-1
This door hinge washer is less than an inch in diameter. It is all white in color and it is made entirely of plastic.
Installation Instructions
Gerald from TANEYTOWN, MD
Pantry Drawer Cover keeps falling off, not held in place by End Cap Kit
I removed the 2 crisper drawers and the glass shelf directly above the Pantry Drawer. Removed the Pantry Drawer and Pantry Drawer cover so you have easy access to the Right-Hand End Cap. On the right-hand End Cap, there are 2 screws which hold the End Cap in place, use a 1/4 inch driver to unscrew the screws from the front of the cabinet on the End Cap and half-way in of the cabinet, leave the screws in their holes in the End Cap. Lift gently to get off a small plastic pin, and move the End Cap away from the Cabinet. You don't need to completely pull the End Cap out of the cabinet, it'll move more like a door opening. Place 2 washers on each screw and gently put the End Cap back into place, being careful NOT to jostle too much so the washers don't fall off the screws. You will need to gently lift the End Cap back in to place over the plastic pin. Hand-tighten the screws back into place with the 1/4 in driver. Remount the Pantry Drawer on the sliders. When you go to install the Pantry Drawer Cover, you will need to gently push on one of the pins to get the cover back into place. Put glass and crisper drawers back into place.

Test by gently pulling on the Pantry Drawer. If properly mounted, the pins will extend fully into the Cover and will keep it secure when opening the Pantry Drawer.
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Drier (Service)
PartSelect Number PS11749031
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10143759
This drier may also be known as a refrigerator ultra-violet dye drier or a filter drier and is meant to be used with your fridge. This piece is a filter for the refrigerant that moves through the refrigerators sealed-system. The most common reason you will need to replace the filter is if your fridge/freezer is not starting. You should consider having this piece installed by an appliance repair technician that is trained and licensed. Installing this part requires specialized knowledge and tools. The installation will require the service technician to recover and recharge the refrigerant in the refrigerators sealed-system.
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Hinge Pin Bushing
PartSelect Number PS2064817
Manufacturer Part Number 66036-1
This bushing is used with a 1/4-inch pin. This part is found in refrigerators (and sometimes freezers). The bushing provides a bearing surface for the hinge pin that rotates. Every time you are opening and closing your fridge, this part is acting as a bearing and makes it so that the door is swinging back and forth with ease. This bushing tends to wear down over time and will need to be replaced. You will notice that this part needs to be replaced if your door is off-kilter and not aligned properly. This part is sold separately. This is a genuine part sourced from the manufacturer directly.
Installation Instructions
Kenneth from Marble Falls, TX
door sagging (bushings gone), seal bad
r#1 removed upper hinge bracket, removed icebox door, unscrewed middle hinge bracket, removed main door, extracted broken plastic bushings, pushed in new bushings, reversed process while adjusting doors. works fine now.

#2 compared door seal with new one from partselect. Turned out that new seal is not magnetic. Had to return. Door still has bad seal.
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Gate Support - Right Hand
PartSelect Number PS364082
Manufacturer Part Number 4357293
This gate support is designed to support the gate or fence on your vertical freezer. This part is designed for the right-hand side and differs from the left-hand side gate support. Be sure to note which side of your gate support is damaged before ordering this part. This product is sold individually. It is white in color and is made entirely of plastic. The gate support is approximately 6.5 inches in length and slightly less than an inch in width. This is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
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PartSelect Number PS11742207
Manufacturer Part Number WP4-60461-005

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