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Button Plug
1 Review
PartSelect Number PS11743445
Manufacturer Part Number WP67001130
Sold individually. White in color.
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Dust Cap
PartSelect Number PS284777
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X10322
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Darren from Renton, WA
Loud high pitch whining noise behind freezer
Ref. still worked but had this loud high pitch whining noise coming from inside freezer for a few months. It's probably a bad bearing or motor.

1) Remove all shelves and ice dispencer
2) Remove (x2 screws / a green wire that's clipped on) and the evap cover
3) Remove (x3 screws) cover motor/solenoid and unplug harness
3) Remove (x2 screws) icemaker and unplug harness
4) Remove/Loosen (x2 screws bottom / x2 screws top) Duct air freezer
5) Remove (x2 screws) Orifice evap fan and unplug harness
note: will need to remove right screw to get green ground wire off. And be careful on to damage the gasket.
6) Once Orifice out of refrig, disassemble.
7) Main thing to replace is the Motor DC Evap fan, and maybe CapDust, BumperLid, GrommetEvpFan.
8) now just go in reverse order...
That's it . . . wasn't too hard and NO MORE whining!!! Save at least a couple of hundred by not having a prof. come out and do it. Easy enough for most DIY person.
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Hinge Sleeve Hole Plug - White
PartSelect Number PS11739707
Manufacturer Part Number WP2212648
Sold individually.
Installation Instructions
william from williamstown, NJ
bottom hinge on refrigm door squeaked
removed all items stored on door,removed screws holding bottom hinge to frame, placed door on floor while cleaning bottom of door, placed washer on hinge, reinstalled door on fridge, placed hinge on frame and secured with screws. Read more...
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PartSelect Number PS1991489
Manufacturer Part Number 297164400
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Hole Plug (Ice Maker)
PartSelect Number PS11746872
Manufacturer Part Number WP941839
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PartSelect Number PS8752434
Manufacturer Part Number MCK67447705
Interior Drain Plug
PartSelect Number PS426014
Manufacturer Part Number 216502600
Installation Instructions
paul from LISLE, IL
While defrosting freezer tossed the drain plug with ice and water into the sewer system.
Opened mailer and bag and place the drain plug into the drain. fit perfectly. In fact it is better than the one lost since the original needed a screwdriver or tool to remove the plug. This one has a flang or finger turner on it so that it can be removed. Also, does not interfere with items in bottom of freezer. Read more...
Drain Plug
1 Review
PartSelect Number PS977294
Manufacturer Part Number 297013600
Installation Instructions
Barbara from Shaker Heights, OH
Manual Defrost-Extreme heat caused ice build-up
Defrosted freezer, hose broke due to dry-rot. Used towels to let water drain into pan. Now with the plug minimal frost build-up. No ice at all. Now if I could get a new hose to drain the water that would be great. Read more...
End Cap
1 Review
PartSelect Number PS424716
Manufacturer Part Number 216087400
White in color. Sold individually.
Installation Instructions
Scot from Springfield, TN
Door handle caps cracked
It took just a few minutes after getting the parts to replace the cracked door handle caps - they fit perfectly! Read more...
Evaporator Cover
PartSelect Number PS2332114
Manufacturer Part Number 297099253