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Upper Dishrack Slide
1 Review
PartSelect Number PS1525080
Manufacturer Part Number 154597801
This is an upper dishrack slide for your dishwasher. It is mounted to each side of the upper cabinet wall. The dishrack wheels roll inside this track, which guides the upper rack. The mounting screws are not included in this purchase and can be found in the related parts section below. You should purchase a new dishrack slide if your current one has been warped or damaged over time.
Installation Instructions
Terry from Pleasant View, UT
Top rack was dropping out of rollers/Slides
This was the second part of repair. Left side was constantly falling out of the slide. I replaced the same items as above minus the gasket and screw kit. Once done, the right side was sloppy so I orders part for that side plus gasket which slid right in.
1. Removed stops on front end of Upper Dishrack Slide on both sides.
2. Removed Upper Dishrack
3. Remove Roller and Axle/clip (4 each)
4. Push Roller onto Axle on all 4 kits
5. Install all 4 roller kits on Upper Dishrack
6. Remove stops from back end of Upper Dishrack Slides.
7. Remove both Slides
8. Remove 8 each Tub Wheels.
9. Using old or new Screws and Washers, install new Tub Wheels.
10. Install both Upper Dishrack Slides ensuring that small holes are toward the back.
11. Install stops on the back end of Slides.
12 Install Upper Dishrackinto slides
13. Install front stops on slide
14. Pulled out Gasket
15. Install replaced Gasket
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Upper Rack Slide
PartSelect Number PS261576
Manufacturer Part Number WD30X98
This slide is mounted to each side of the upper cabinet wall. The dishrack wheels roll inside this track, which guides the upper rack.
Installation Instructions
Dave from Littleton, CO
Parts were old and worn out
The repair was easy. A couple turns of a screwdriver was all that was necessary to remove the rollers and slide assembly. The I simple installed the new rollers. Slid the slide into place between the rollers and then added the back caps to the slide. Replaced the rack rollers on the top basket and then slid it into position between the new slides. Once in place, I attached the end caps to the front of the slide. Simple and quick. Read more...
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Dishrack Roller Bracket, Upper
PartSelect Number PS11746565
Manufacturer Part Number WP8564899
Sold individually. This dishrack roller bracket is for dishwashers. Dishrack roller bracket fits on the dishrack and attaches the roller wheels to the dishrack.
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Upper Rack Track Assembly - Left & Right Side
4 Reviews
PartSelect Number PS3495236
Manufacturer Part Number W10404344
This includes both sides. The dishrack glides back and forth on this track as it's mounted to the side of the tub.
Installation Instructions
Ray from Colton, OR
The top rack began to fall out of the track on the right side. Replacing it into the track was not a permanent fix. I could not visually see anything wrong but obviously something was. A web search quickly brought up a picture of that area of our machine. I ordered the part and upon installation,
I had to getto the side of the machine. After that, it was simply removing 4 screws and removing the old part, replacing the screws and putting the rack back in the track. Read more...
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Upper Dishrack Inner Rail
PartSelect Number PS959486
Manufacturer Part Number WD30X10021
This slide is mounted to each side of the upper cabinet wall. The dishrack wheels roll inside this track, which guides the upper rack.
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SLIDE- Left Hand
1 Review
PartSelect Number PS11747791
Manufacturer Part Number WP99003759
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SLIDE- Right Hand
PartSelect Number PS11747792
Manufacturer Part Number WP99003760
PartSelect Number PS1524972
Manufacturer Part Number 154572201
Crisper Drawer Cover Support - Left Side
PartSelect Number PS454341
Manufacturer Part Number 5303201639
It is 'L' shaped and is intended for the left side of the refrigerator, with the short leg in the front nearest to the door.
Installation Instructions
Randy from Page, AZ
Supports and end cap were broke (for years)
I removed the broken supports months ago. So, I merely screwed both cover supports into place. The end caps slid into place. Piece of cake. I can't believe you had the parts for our 22 year old refrigerator. You guys are awesome! Read more...