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Heating Element Brass Nut – Part Number: 154106202
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Heating Element Brass Nut
PartSelect Number PS1524878
Manufacturer Part Number 154106202
The heating element nut is used to connect the heating element to the dishwasher tub. If water is leaking from underneath your dishwasher, you may need to tighten or replace the heating element nut. Replacing the nut is an easy job, does not require any specialty tools, and should not take you more than 10 minutes. For our step by step guide, click the video below. The brass nut measures 7 inches in length x 1 inch in width x 5 inches in height, and fits most dishwashers. To see if this part is compatible with your dishwasher, check the list of compatible brands below.
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Installation Instructions
Dennis from Tryon, NC says,

Water leaking under the dishwasher
I looked under and found that 2 brass nuts that secured the heater element through the base housing of the dishwasher has split down each side of the nut and no longer was tight enough to keep water f...read more

Faucet Adapter – Part Number: WPW10254672
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Faucet Adapter
PartSelect Number PS11751238
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10254672
The faucet adapter for your portable dishwasher or washing machine attaches to the faucet and allows you to connect the machine to the tap. Before you install the faucet adapter on your taps, be sure that it fits the coupler on your dishwasher or washer. As per the factory, this is used for faucets with inside or outside threads. For female connection (outside) just remove the washers. This adapter is approximately 1 inch in length, and slightly less than one inch in diameter. This adapter comes with two different thicknesses of rubber washer. You will not need to use both so be sure to determine which thickness works best for your tap before installing it.
Fixes these symptoms
Will not fill with water

Installation Instructions
Stephen from Enfield, CT says,

faucet attachment would not sit correctly in hose connector to portable dishwasher. Received machine second hand. Could not find a replacement faucet adapter. So ordered new one and hose plus connector.
Turned machine on side. Removed two casters with Wonder Tool prybar. Then used it to remove plastic push screws holding cardboard bottom cover. Unscrewed water hose. Used screwdriver to remove clamp ...read more

Element Grommet – Part Number: 5300806833
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Element Grommet
PartSelect Number PS451462
Manufacturer Part Number 5300806833
This grommet is used in a number of household appliances. Most often it is used in the dishwasher as part of the assembly that mounts and holds the heating element in place. This replacement part is made out of rubber, which helps create a seal between the element and the appliance. This grommet is sold individually. If you are replacing the heating element, or the brass nut that holds it in place, we recommend you replace the grommet at the same time. Before you begin any repair work on your dishwasher, make sure you have unplugged it and shut off the water supply.
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Installation Instructions
Eric from Holly, MI says,

Water leaking from under dishwasher
Removed lower trim covers (2 Phillips screws) disconnected power supply at breaker box. Removed wire from heating element, removed (broken) brass nut, unclipped heating element and removed. Removed fl...read more

Hose Clamp – Part Number: WP285655
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Hose Clamp
PartSelect Number PS11740613
Manufacturer Part Number WP285655
The hose clamp is used to hold the water hose in place which will prevent the hose from leaking water. Sometimes the clamp may lose its ability to latch on, causing a leaking washer. For the installation, you will need a flat head screw driver to replace the clamp and a drill to access the screws to remove the front of the washer. Be careful if you do not have specific clamp pliers as the clamp could fly off. Once the front of the washer has been removed, take a quick look for water damage or any obvious signs of where the leak is coming from. If it is not obvious, run water to test.
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Installation Instructions
Stephen from Laveen, AZ says,

Drive Pump Leaked
It took some trial and error but overall not a difficult project. 1. Take the front covers off. 2. Undo the pully spring to loosen belt 3. Remove belt off idler pulley wheel and free up belt f...read more

Inlet Hose Washer – Part Number: WPY013783
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Inlet Hose Washer
PartSelect Number PS11757437
Manufacturer Part Number WPY013783
This inlet hose washer, also known as a high pressure inlet hose washer, is used in washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers. The function of this part is to create a watertight seal in the appliance. If your gasket gets dry and brittle over time it will start to crack and will lose its function. In this case, it is important to replace it. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for further installation instructions and accurate guidance. As a safety precaution, remember to unplug your washer from the power source before beginning.
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Installation Instructions
Roger from Lore City, OH says,

(Portable ) The Hose Hook up from the dishwasher to the kitchen faucet would not seal. After replacing the hoses the connection hoses sealede.
tilted the dishwasher back so the bottom was exposed and unhooked the old hoses, then removed old hoses through the back side of the dish washer then fed the new hoses through the back and hooked them...read more

O-RING – Part Number: WP912510
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PartSelect Number PS11746849
Manufacturer Part Number WP912510
Fixes these symptoms
Not cleaning dishes properly

Installation Instructions
Stephen from Sante Fe, NM says,

Grinding noise during Wash and Rinse
First off, I must give thanks to Partselect.com for excellent service. They had the parts I needed, a Diagram of how the parts should go into the Dishwasher, and shipping was very quick and reasonable...read more

Dishwasher Door Spring – Part Number: 5300808971
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Dishwasher Door Spring
PartSelect Number PS452144
Manufacturer Part Number 5300808971
Sold Individually. Suggested to replace both at the same time.
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No Symptoms for this part
Rocker Switch – Part Number: WP31986601B
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Rocker Switch
PartSelect Number PS11741002
Manufacturer Part Number WP31986601B
This switch is for the oven light and downdraft fan.
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No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Peter from Media, PA says,

Both fan and light switches were broken.
TURN OFF POWER TO RANGE AT FUSE BOX -- a)Open the oven door, b) Unscrew the left and right silver nuts (not the black screws)that are in the oven under the control panel, c)pull off the four control k...read more

Faucet Adapter Coupling – Part Number: 5304490369
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Faucet Adapter Coupling
PartSelect Number PS7321390
Manufacturer Part Number 5304490369
This part connects the drain hose to the sink.
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No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Liza from Hazel Park, MI says,

Purchased used appliance that needed parts
I purchased a wonderful portable dishwasher at a garage sale for $20. The woman had just redecorated her kitchen and was selling the relatively new portable model. All it needed was a new caster and...read more

Door Spring Cable – Part Number: WPY03000108
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Door Spring Cable
PartSelect Number PS11757443
Manufacturer Part Number WPY03000108
This door spring cable is nine inches long. It is made of metal and is used for some dishwashers.
Fixes these symptoms
Door latch failure

Installation Instructions
Bessie from Fruitland Park, FL says,

Spring that holds door closed
First, removed screws on bottom panel. On this model, everything was easy to see. Did not have to move the appliance at all. The left side wire was broken. Just removed the broken part, connect...read more