How to Resolve an Error Code 41 on Your Samsung Fridge

How to Resolve an Error Code 41 on Your Samsung Fridge

f your smart fridge is acting silly, here’s how to sort it out
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A smart fridge can make many aspects of life simpler; grocery lists, meal planning, leaving memos for the family. But what happens if that technology starts acting up? If you see the error code 41, 42, or 41C on your Samsung Family Hub, there’s no need to panic. If you know how to restart your cellphone, you can resolve this error code! We’ll walk you through the steps below so you can get back to checking the news while grabbing the milk in no time.

How to Clear a 41/42 Error Code on a Samsung Fridge

Depending on your model of Samsung fridge, you may be seeing either error code 41 or 42 with the blue lights inside the fridge flashing. In either case, it simply means that the Family Hub needs to be rebooted. To clear this error code, turn the system off using the power switch found on the inside top right of the door. After a few moments have passed, turn the Family Hub back on. This will reboot the system and error code 41 or 42 should now be cleared from the display.

A Samsung smart fridge with a Family Hub display has an arrow pointing to it. Text on a teal background indicates the Hub has an error code.

What is a 41C Error Code on a Samsung Fridge?

Error code 41C is specific to the French door style models of Samsung fridge, but also relates to an issue with the Family Hub. In this situation, a 41C error code means that the Family Hub requires a software update.

How to Update the Family Hub:

  1. Begin by swiping down from the top of the Family Hub screen, then select “Settings”
  2. Swipe through the settings until you find the “About Family Hub” option
  3. From there, tap “Software Update” and then tap “Update” to install

Once the update has been installed, the 41C error code should be cleared from your Samsung fridge.

Common Causes of a Samsung Fridge 41/42 Error Code

Like any smart device, your Samsung fridge needs to be connected to a network, and the software and operating system need to be kept up to date to run optimally. The following are some common reasons why your Family Hub may display a 41, 42, or 41C error code in the future.

Power Surge

If you’ve recently experienced a power outage, the Family Hub may not have restarted properly once the power was restored. Rebooting the system should resolve the problem. To protect your fridge from future power outages, we recommend that it is plugged into a surge protector.

Weak Wi-Fi Connection

Your smart fridge will need to be connected to your home’s wi-fi network to access all its tools and features. If the connection is weak, it could drop out causing the Family Hub to be offline. If this is a persistent issue, you may want to consider wi-fi extenders to ensure a strong connection in your kitchen.

Updates Needed

Similar to a smart phone or tablet, both the operating system and the individual apps with the Family Hub will need periodic updates. To check if an overall software update is needed, swipe through the settings to “About Family Hub” and then tap “Software Update.” If an update is available, you’ll be able to install it from here. To ensure your apps are kept up to date, turn on the “Automatic Update” option found under the Apps Setting.

Resolving this error code is generally as simple as the classic “turning it off and back on again.” However, if rebooting doesn’t resolve the issue, your Samsung fridge will need to be serviced by a technician. A downside to more advanced appliance technology is that it can mean a more advanced repair. If there is any doubt, calling a qualified appliance repair tech can help.

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PUBLISHED ON December 08, 2023
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