How to Change Your Water Filter
Changing your water filter regularly will ensure you have the freshest-tasting water

The water dispenser in your fridge is a source of convenient and constant refreshment! Over time, the water filter will need to be changed to make sure you are getting the freshest water possible. You may notice that your water filter needs to be changed if the change filter light comes on. Your fridge filter doesn’t just filter the water that you use in your dispenser, but also the water that’s used to make ice. So if you’re a fan of ice in your drinks, you may need a filter change sooner than you’re expecting. Today’s refrigerators monitor how much water is used for making ice and dispensing water. Once a pre-determined amount has been reached, your fridge will turn on a status indicator light for your filter to let you know it’s time for a change.

Changing the filter in your fridge on a regular basis isn’t only necessary, it’s easy to do! It’s also easy and necessary to reset the water status indicator light so your fridge can remind you when it’s time to change the filter again. If your fridge doesn’t have a status indicator light, a good rule of thumb is to change your filter every six to nine months. There are signs you should change your water filter, other than what the water filter indicator shows. If you experience a decreased water flow through your dispenser, or you notice a taste or discoloration in your water, it’s time to change your filter.

We’ve chosen three refrigerator models to help you figure out how to change the water filter in your fridge.

Model One

First up is a typical Whirlpool side-by-side model.

Change Water Filter: Whirlpool Side-By-Side Fridge

On these models, the water filter is located through the front of the kick plate at the bottom of the refrigerator.

Change Water Filter: Whirlpool Filter Location

Start by grasping the knob at the end of the filter assembly and then turn it counter clockwise about a quarter of a turn, and pull the filter out through the opening.

Change Water Filter: Whirlpool Filter Removal

Next, take your new filter and slide the refrigerator knob onto the end of it.

Change Water Filter: Whirlpool New Filter

Remove the protective cap.

Change Water Filter: Whirlpool New Filter

Put the filter into the fridge with the handle or knob in the vertical position. Press it in firmly and then rotate it clockwise until it locks into place.

Now that you have your new filter installed, you should run some water through the dispenser to purge any air that may be in your system. Once you have purged enough water through the system that you no longer have any air coming through, re-set the status indicator light. On the model shown, you would simply need to hold the filter reset button until the light turns green again.

Change Water Filter: Whirlpool Status Indicator Light

Model Two

The next model we have chosen to demonstrate is the Frigidaire Gallery style side-by-side.

Change Water Filter: Frigidaire Side By Side Fridge

To access the water filter, open the fresh food door and press on the release button located toward the top of the fridge.

Change Water Filter: Frigidaire Filter Location

The filter will pop forward and you can pull it out of the housing.

Change Water Filter: Frigidaire Filter Removal

Next, take the new filter, remove the protective caps, and insert the filter into the housing.

Change Water Filter: Frigidaire New Filter

When inserting your new water filter, make sure to press firmly onto it until it latches into place. As with the previous model, make sure to purge all of the air out of the system. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to reset the filter status light.

Change Water Filter: Frigidaire Status Indicator Light

To reset the filter status light, simply press and hold the button until you see the light flash green. The green light lets you know that the filter has been reset.

Model Three

The final model we have chosen to demonstrate is a Whirlpool French door style.

Change Water Filter: Whirlpool French Door Style Fridge

The filter is located toward the top of the fridge above a covering.

Change Water Filter: Whirlpool Filter Location

To access the filter, release the tab, drop the cover down and grasp the filter. Tilt the filter down enough that you can get a grip on it and turn it counter clockwise until it releases and then you can discard the old filter.

Change Water Filter: Whirlpool Old Filter

Before installing the new filter, remove the protective film on the top and then you’re ready to put it into the holder.

Change Water Filter: Whirlpool New Filter

Press the filter firmly back into place and then rotate it a quarter of a turn clockwise until it locks on. Fit the filter up into the holder and close the cover.

On this model, you need to press the reset filter button and hold it in for approximately three seconds until the lights disappear and then you’re all set!

Change Water Filter: Whirlpool Indicator Light Reset

We hope that by demonstrating how to replace the filter on these refrigerator models, you will be able to easily change the filter on yours. Making sure your fridge has a fresh filter is essential to ensuring you have the freshest water and ice. Don’t wait until the filter indicator light is on to order a new filter! You should always have a new one on hand for convenience and to ensure your fresh water experience is never interrupted.

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