How to Fix a Freezer That's Too Warm - Freezer Repair
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How to Repair a Freezer That's Not Cooling

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Temperature Control or Thermostat

The reason your freezer is not cold enough could be an issue with the temperature control or thermostat. The thermostat is a rotary dial with a capillary tube and sensor bulb which monitor the temperature, and electrical contracts which power the compressor circuit. Any of these parts can be damaged which will lead to this part failing. The contacts open and close, and can become damaged or corroded, meaning the compressor may not start and the freezer won’t get cold enough. Try adjusting the thermostat to the highest setting, if the compressor starts then that confirms the temperature control should be replaced. Make sure not to disturb the sensor bulb when checking these components.

User Control or Electronic Display Board

If your freezer is not cooling, the electronic display board may be causing the issue. The board, also known as a user control, displays, monitors, and adjusts the freezer temperature. If the control is not working, is may not be reading the temperature correctly and therefore not prompting the compressor circuit to begin cooling. Before concluding that the board is the issue, check the thermistor temperature sensor for damage.

Defrost Timer

If your frost-free freezer will not get cold enough, there may be an issue with the defrost timer. The timer regularly cycles on the defrost heater to keep the evaporator coil free of frost buildup, allowing the cold air to circulate properly. To test the timer, manually turn it on to prompt the defrost cycle. If the evaporator defrosts, replace the defrost timer.

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