How to Repair a Freezer That's Getting Too Cold

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Temperature Control or Thermostat

Your freezer can be too cold, and the reason could be that the temperature control or thermostat isn’t working properly. Rotary dial thermostats have a capillary tube and bulb sensor which attach to the interior lining of the freezer to monitor the temperature. The thermostat also has electrical contacts, which power the compressor circuit on and off to maintain the correct temperature. Over time, the contracts can become stuck closed, and the compressor will continue to run, making your freezer too cold. Another sign that the thermostat is the issue, is if the compressor is cycling on and off normally but the temperature remains too cold. In either case, the thermostat or temperature control should be replaced.
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User Control or Electronic Display Board

Your freezer can be too cold because the electronic display board doesn’t shut off when the ideal freezer temperature is reached. The display board, also known as the user control, displays, monitors, and adjusts the temperature inside the freezer, and prompts the compressor, fan motor, and defrost heater to do their jobs. If the control board is not working, it won’t read the temperature correctly, throwing off the compressor cooling circuit. Make sure to check the thermistor or temperature sensor before concluding the user control is the issue.
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