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PartSelect Number PS11740598
Manufacturer Part Number WP27001222
Manufactured by Whirlpool

This part works with the following brands: Maytag, Amana, Crosley.

This part works with the following products: Washer.

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Parts Used:
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Time to do repair: 1- 2 hours
Tools: Pliers, Screw drivers, Socket set, Wrench (Adjustable)

Maytag washer leaks, noisy

1. I unplugged the machine. Using a socket wrench set, I removed the washer housing (bottom, front and sides) and flipped over the top to its service position. This exposes all the inner parts of the washer.
2. I pulled out the softener cup, unbolted the auger using a socket wrench with a long adaptor. I then pulled out the auger, exposing the "Seal Nut" and bottom of the inner basket (metal)where the transmission arm rises through.
3. I removed the seal nut using the hub (or spanner) wrench, which I had purchased from the Home Depot for $9.00;
and removed the bolts of the inner basket using a socket wrench. I unclipped the large plastic ring which holds together the inner metal basket and the outer plastic tub. This ring sits on top of both. I then removed all the counter-balance springs attached around the tub assembly.
4. I pulled out the inner basket exposing a metal disc called the "hub", which holds the inner tub in place.
5. Using a large flat screwdriver and a hammer, I tapped on the "T" shaped protrusions around the hub to loosen the hub, as it is tightly screwed onto the tub. Remember that the hub is "uncrewed" counter-clockwise. I didn't take much care in tapping the hub because I knew that this part will be replaced.
5. I then unscrewed the hub using the hub wrench.
6. I carefully pulled out the inner tub throught the transmission arm.
7. I inverted the tub, placing it on a towel on the floor (I didn't want to crack the lip). Using a flat screwdriver (or a nail puller), I slowly pried out the triple lip seal and bearing (the metal ring in the center of the tub bottom), making sure that I DO NOT DAMAGE THE PLASTIC BOTTOM OF THE TUB where the bearing sits. At this point, I pushed out all the little plastic lint strainers around the bottom of the tub (as per the instruction leaflet) and replaced them with the provided rubber plugs. YOU WILL HAVE TO MAKE SURE THAT THE PLUGS ARE FIRMLY IN PLACE.
8. I now washed the auger (you will find residue/softener build up inside), the inner basket, and the outer tub. I also found dirt, sand, grime and mold in these parts and cleaned them thoroughly. This got rid of that smelly odor that my washer had for quite a while now.
9. I checked and saw water on the transmission disc where the lower bearing is. I figured that the lower bearing needed replacement as well.
10. I removed the lower transmission by removing the blots on the motor, and undid the belt from the pulley and gear.
11. While I had the brake pads exposed, I also applied a touch of automotive brake cleaner and brake spray.
11. I replaced the lower bearing with the new part, reattached the transmission ( I replaced the small "o-ring" on the transmission arm) and the motor and belt.
12. I replaced the tub seal bearing following the instructions provided with the new part.
13. I put the tub back, screwed on the new hub using the hub wrench, then CAREFULLY gave a couple of taps with my hammer and falthead screwdriver to tighten it. I placed a new gasket on the hub, screwed on the new seal nut, then repositioned the inner basket on.
14. After re-installing the tub and the inner basket, I put back the plastic ring that holds both tub and basket. I re-installed the auger and the cup.
I ran the machine for a test before I put the housing back in place to check for any leaks. THERE WERE NO MORE LEAKS, AND THE MACHINE SOUNDED AS GREAT AS IT DID WHEN WE PURCHASED IT 5+ YEARS AGO!

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Parts Used:
Level of Difficulty: A Bit Difficult
Time to do repair: More than 2 hours
Tools: Nutdriver, Pliers, Socket set
Customer: James from Saint Paul, MN

Loud during spin cycle

Amana top load laundry machine
Model # NAV2230AWW
Parts used: PS2040734 and PS2177502

NOTE: the hub seal kit comes with the gasket foam and hub nut so do not order them separately as I did. PartSelect is great about accepting returns, but you might as well know ahead of time.

When you are starting this project out, there are a few things you should be prepared with. First, you will need an extension for your ratchet so that you can get at the bolt in the center of the agitator. Second, make sure you have some sealant or grease on hand for the installation of the hub nut.

Actual dis-assembly of the washer is not difficult. Simply remove the lower front panel followed by the main front panel and then separate the outer shell. Once all these parts are removed you can remove the agitator and all the various tub parts. The instructions that come with the kit are detailed enough to easily walk you through this part.

If you have diagnosed that the upper bearing/seal is the issue you will want to check the lower one as well. In my case the failure of the upper bearing resulted in a leak which caused the lower bearing to fail as well. Once you get to actual removal of the bearings you will be well served to have a bearing removal tool. If you do not have one, getting the lower bearing out will be quite difficult. If you have one, pulling the bearing out and replacing it is quite simple. Reassembly is even easier.

Plan on this repair taking several hours. It took me about six hours but that was due to the fact that I spent a lot of time cleaning each part thoroughly before reassembling the unit. I figured that since I had it all opened up I might as well. Had I not done this I think I could have gotten the whole thing done in about three hours.

After the repair the “jet engine” noise that was present during the spin cycle is gone and there is no leak. Given the cost of having a service person come to the house and make this repair I would definitely recommend that you do it yourself. PartSelect made this really easy. This is the third repair I have made to appliances using PartSelect and I have been fully satisfied with the parts and service each time.

James Erickson
Saint Paul, MN

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26 of 45 people found this instruction helpful

Parts Used:
Level of Difficulty: A Bit Difficult
Time to do repair: More than 2 hours
Tools: Nutdriver, Pliers, Screw drivers, Socket set, Wrench set
Customer: John from Valatie, NY

Water leak and excessive noise during spin cycle

Typical disassembly of a Maytag model SAV365ZAWW. Being an older model, I researched the Parts Select web site trying to identify the parts that others had found to need replace when solving the same problem. The web site pointed to a triple lip seal and hub kit as one of the parts that were needed. I e-mailed Customer service, asking questions about the suggested kit but never received a response, additionally the on-line expert feature was not functioning that day. I finally ordered the suggested parts. To Parts Select credit, the parts arrived the next day, even though I had selected the cheapest shipping option.

The delivered PS2177501 - Triple Lip Seal and Hub Kit, indicated on the web site as “Works with your model!“ , did not match the style of seal that I removed from the tub. I contacted Customer Service and explained my issue. The Customer Service representative suggested that I call Whirlpool directly to confirm the correct part, based upon the serial number, which I did. What I found out was the web site had an incorrect item list and I had received the wrong item. Parts Select arranged for the return of the part and assisted me in ordering the correct part. Once again, the parts arrived the next day.

The reassembly basically went well, following the provided instructions. This was the first repairs on what has otherwise been a very reliable machine. It now works and sounds like it is new.

Aside from the web site Parts Select handled the issue well. A word to the wise. If the parts diagram suggests that there are different series within a model, be sure to confirm that you’ve made the proper parts selection

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Model Cross Reference

This part works with the following models:

PartSelect Number: PS11740598
Manufacturer Part Number: WP27001222
Brand Model Number Description
CrosleyCW9500WWasher - Residential
AmanaNAV2330AWWWasher - Residential
AmanaNAV3330AWWWasher - Residential
AmanaNAV3330EWWWasher - Residential
AmanaNAV5800AWWWasher - Residential
AmanaNAV6800AWWWasher - Residential
AmanaNAV8800AWWWasher - Residential
AmanaNAV8800EWWWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV205DAWWWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV2555AWWWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV2655AWWWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV3655AWWWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV365AAWWWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV365ZAWWWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV3710AWWWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV405DAWWWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV405DEWWWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV4655AWQWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV4655AWWWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV4655EWQWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV4655EWWWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV4710AWWWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV515DAWWWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV515DEWWWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV5710AWWWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV571EEWWWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV5910AWWWasher - Residential
MaytagSAV5910EWWWasher - Residential