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Ice Cutting Grid – Part Number: WR29X10073
Ice Cutting Grid
PartSelect #: PS1155288
Manufacturer #: WR29X10073
This ice cutting grid is located behind the ice maker door. The cutting grid consists of thin, heated metal wires that slice the slabs of ice when they slide off the evaporator plate, creating the cub...
  In Stock
Water Valve – Part Number: WR57X10072
Water Valve
PartSelect #: PS2323400
Manufacturer #: WR57X10072
  In Stock
THERMISTOR BIN – Part Number: WR55X10545
PartSelect #: PS1017712
Manufacturer #: WR55X10545
  In Stock
Drain Cap – Part Number: WR01X10140
Drain Cap
PartSelect #: PS283589
Manufacturer #: WR01X10140
  No Longer Available
PUMP WATER COMPLETE – Part Number: WR57X10074
PartSelect #: PS2338127
Manufacturer #: WR57X10074
  No Longer Available
WATER FILL SENSOR – Part Number: WR02X13785
PartSelect #: PS8757980
Manufacturer #: WR02X13785
  No Longer Available
WIRE GRID CUTTER – Part Number: WR29X10075
PartSelect #: PS2338089
Manufacturer #: WR29X10075
  On Order
PUMP – Part Number: WR57X26823
PartSelect #: PS11764056
Manufacturer #: WR57X26823
  In Stock
PartSelect #: PS1019988
Manufacturer #: WR55X10544
  No Longer Available
SCREW 8-16 X 5/8 – Part Number: WR01X10813
SCREW 8-16 X 5/8
PartSelect #: PS2337992
Manufacturer #: WR01X10813
  Special Order
P.C. BOARD – Part Number: WR55X10713
PartSelect #: PS2323363
Manufacturer #: WR55X10713
  In Stock

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February 25, 2020
Sometimes on my under the counter ice machine the grid isn't melting the ice into cubes. What part would I need to repair this?
For model number ZDIS150WSSA
Hello Wendy, Thank you for the question. This could be a defective Grid, PartSelect Number PS1155288. We hope this helps.

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January 13, 2020
The ice is overflowing. Is the some kind of a sensor that may have gone bad that i can repair myself?
For model number ZDIS150WSSA
Hello Leslie and thank you for writing. It certainly sounds like it could be a faulty water fill sensor PS8757980 ( as the water continues flowing and it is not cutting off the water, the ice maker continues to make ice ), you should check for signs of damage, and replace if necessary. You can change this unit if you are a little handy and have a basic tool is also the link to the manual for your unit. We hope this helps. Please contact us anytime if you require further assistance.

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Failure to make ice
Unit was failing to make ice as a result of cutting grid fail (broken cutting wire disrupted circuit so no heating) and corresponding ice build up on cooling plate. Defective cutting grid swapped out - replacement part had superior design to OEM and was made of comparable to superior materials. Very satisfied.
Parts Used:
Ice Cutting Grid
  • James from Baltimore, MD
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Total Repair Time:
    15 - 30 mins
  • Tools:
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