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Chain – Part Number: 901289001
PartSelect #: PS10022303
Manufacturer #: 901289001
This part is the replacement chain for your pole saw. It is made of metal and is sold individually. The chain rotates around the bar to help the pole saw cut properly. If the chain is damaged or missi...
  In Stock
Housing Assembly – Part Number: 994063001
Housing Assembly
PartSelect #: PS11861257
Manufacturer #: 994063001
  On Order
Brush Assembly – Part Number: 994060001
Brush Assembly
PartSelect #: PS11861254
Manufacturer #: 994060001
  Special Order
Oil Outlet Seal Ring – Part Number: 994013001
Oil Outlet Seal Ring
PartSelect #: PS11861235
Manufacturer #: 994013001
  In Stock
Chain Adjustment Assembly – Part Number: 994067001
Chain Adjustment Assembly
PartSelect #: PS11861261
Manufacturer #: 994067001
  On Order
Bar – Part Number: 994065001
PartSelect #: PS11861259
Manufacturer #: 994065001
  No Longer Available
Scabbard – Part Number: 994012001
PartSelect #: PS11861234
Manufacturer #: 994012001
  On Order
Retaining Ring – Part Number: 994006001
Retaining Ring
PartSelect #: PS11861233
Manufacturer #: 994006001
  No Longer Available
Chain Cover Assembly – Part Number: 994068001
Chain Cover Assembly
PartSelect #: PS11861262
Manufacturer #: 994068001
  On Order
Hex Bolt – Part Number: 994019001
Hex Bolt
PartSelect #: PS11861239
Manufacturer #: 994019001
  In Stock
Tension Spring – Part Number: 994004001
Tension Spring
PartSelect #: PS11861231
Manufacturer #: 994004001
  In Stock
Sprocket – Part Number: 994005001
PartSelect #: PS11861232
Manufacturer #: 994005001
  On Order

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March 28, 2023
How to disassemble telescoping pole for shipping.
For model number RY43161
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Hello Eric, thank you for contacting us. Unscrew the lower collar from the threaded base on the intermediate pole. Pull to remove the handle pole from the intermediate pole. Unscrew the upper collar from the base on the intermediate pole. Pull the power head pole from the intermediate pole. You cannot completely disassemble all poles from one another as there is a wire connected through them. This disassembly will help you in packing it for shipping. We hope this information is useful!

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May 15, 2023
The tension screw broke through the chain cover, cannot find my cover to replace it. Do you carry them ?
For model number RY43161
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Hello Donna, Thank you for your inquiry. We show the compatible chain cover as part# PS11861262. We hope this helps.

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Chain comes off guide bar
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