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ADAPTER-HOSE FAUCET (LEA – Part Number: GX325310401
PartSelect #: PS8761319
Manufacturer #: GX325310401
  No Longer Available
VALVE INLET – Part Number: WD-7800-010
PartSelect #: PS4129677
Manufacturer #: WD-7800-010
  No Longer Available
PUMP DRAIN – Part Number: WD-5470-05
PartSelect #: PS4128787
Manufacturer #: WD-5470-05
  No Longer Available
PLATE – Part Number: WD-5300-06
PartSelect #: PS4128620
Manufacturer #: WD-5300-06
  No Longer Available
Faucet Adapter – Part Number: WD-0015-03
Faucet Adapter
PartSelect #: PS4125972
Manufacturer #: WD-0015-03
  No Longer Available
PANEL - FRONT – Part Number: WD-5200-18
PartSelect #: PS4128414
Manufacturer #: WD-5200-18
  No Longer Available
PANEL - FRONT – Part Number: WD-5200-13
PartSelect #: PS4128388
Manufacturer #: WD-5200-13
  No Longer Available
PANEL - SIDE (R) – Part Number: WD-5200-14
PartSelect #: PS4128398
Manufacturer #: WD-5200-14
  No Longer Available
PANEL - CONTROL – Part Number: WD-5200-15
PartSelect #: PS4128409
Manufacturer #: WD-5200-15
  No Longer Available
PANEL - SIDE (L) – Part Number: WD-5200-16
PartSelect #: PS4128412
Manufacturer #: WD-5200-16
  No Longer Available
PANEL - TOP – Part Number: WD-5200-17
PartSelect #: PS4128413
Manufacturer #: WD-5200-17
  No Longer Available
ACCESSORIES - FAUCET – Part Number: WD-0010-01
PartSelect #: PS4125959
Manufacturer #: WD-0010-01
  No Longer Available

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Pump drain blow out.
My wife tells me the washing machine is not completing its job, so i looked at it and notice it stopped when it hit the rinse cycle and it error E1. I checked the drain pipe it was fine, I checked the drain filters, they were fine, I checked the current to the pump drain with my volt meter and there was power. "Got to be the pump". So I looked everywhere to figure out what was E1 couldn't find anything on the web, goofy me should of just called Haier... it seemed they only wanted to send out a service man "which I didn't want" so I just asked what was E1 and they just said it was a drain problem that is all, big help... but at least I narrowed it down to the pump drain. I looked on the web to find the part and led me to Part Select web site. I just put my model # down and boom gave me a list of parts that are usable for my machine even though they were made from a different company. I called to verify about the part and sure enough someone answered the phone very fast and answered all my question. Reassured about the part so I purchased it. Got it in the mail amazingly fast my wife was freaked out about it lol. So I put the part in and BOOM all is well did all the accumulated laundry in one night. I'm one happy guy. P.S. I'ts been almost a week and it's still working we got kids and dogs so we use this machine everyday.
Parts Used:
  • Hector from Palmdale, CA
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Total Repair Time:
    15 - 30 mins
  • Tools:
    Screw drivers
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