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Dust Cup – Part Number: 530095815
Dust Cup
PartSelect #: PS9474615
Manufacturer #: 530095815
  In Stock
Screw – Part Number: 530016406
PartSelect #: PS9469348
Manufacturer #: 530016406
  In Stock
Spool W/Line – Part Number: 952711551
Spool W/Line
PartSelect #: PS9484398
Manufacturer #: 952711551
This OEM Spool with cutting line is a spool that attaches to the gear box to dispense the cutting line. Installation is rated as "Easy". Always use the recommended line for your model to avoid issues....
  No Longer Available
Screw – Part Number: 530015886
PartSelect #: PS9469155
Manufacturer #: 530015886
  In Stock
Nut-Flange – Part Number: 530015793
PartSelect #: PS9469118
Manufacturer #: 530015793
  On Order
Hanger-Attachment – Part Number: 530150031
PartSelect #: PS11842820
Manufacturer #: 530150031
This hanger attachment securely holds the line trimmer attachment of your handheld lawn and garden equipment when it is not in use, keeping it organized and easily accessible. You can mount it on a ho...
  In Stock
Accy-Cutting Head – Part Number: 952711550
Accy-Cutting Head
PartSelect #: PS11843629
Manufacturer #: 952711550
This OEM Cutting Head Assembly is a kit which contains the cutting line used to cut grass. Installation is rated as "Easy" and requires only a pair of pliers. The assembly attaches to the gear box. If...
  No Longer Available
Bolt – Part Number: 530015820
PartSelect #: PS9469133
Manufacturer #: 530015820
This Bolt is used to secure parts in place and will require a wrench or socket. This is an OEM bolt from the original manufacturer and has a range of applications depending on the part you are securin...
  In Stock
Wingnut – Part Number: 530091373
PartSelect #: PS9285138
Manufacturer #: 530091373
This manufacturer-certified wingnut or wing nut is sold individually and made of metal. It has multiple different potential applications depending on the equipment, but generally, replacement is very ...
  In Stock
Flexshaft - Split Boom – Part Number: 530096183
Flexshaft - Split Boom
PartSelect #: PS9474656
Manufacturer #: 530096183
  No Longer Available
Spring - Return – Part Number: 530053241
Spring - Return
PartSelect #: PS9471428
Manufacturer #: 530053241
  No Longer Available
Washer – Part Number: 530095816
PartSelect #: PS9474616
Manufacturer #: 530095816
  Special Order

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