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Spring, Clutch Cable – Part Number: A200707
Spring, Clutch Cable
PartSelect #: PS10041039
Manufacturer #: A200707
  No Longer Available
Asm, Primer Bulb – Part Number: A201683
Asm, Primer Bulb
PartSelect #: PS10105780
Manufacturer #: A201683
This primer bulb, also known as a priming bulb, is a genuine OEM part designed for use with various models of tillers. This bulb is attached to the side of the carburetor and is used to fill the carbu...
  In Stock
Line, Fuel – Part Number: A201724
Line, Fuel
PartSelect #: PS10105815
Manufacturer #: A201724
  No Longer Available
Carburetor – Part Number: A201658
PartSelect #: PS10105778
Manufacturer #: A201658
This genuine OEM sourced replacement part which is specially designed for use with Powermate and Southland lawn and garden equipment. The purpose of this part is to mix the air and the gas before the ...
  In Stock
Drag Bar, Three Hole – Part Number: A200378
Drag Bar, Three Hole
PartSelect #: PS10105682
Manufacturer #: A200378
  In Stock
Tube, Breather – Part Number: A201697
Tube, Breather
PartSelect #: PS10105793
Manufacturer #: A201697
  No Longer Available
Element, Filter – Part Number: A201700
Element, Filter
PartSelect #: PS10105795
Manufacturer #: A201700
  No Longer Available
Kit , Carburetor Gasket – Part Number: A201659
Kit , Carburetor Gasket
PartSelect #: PS10105779
Manufacturer #: A201659
  On Order
Filter, Fuel – Part Number: A201722
Filter, Fuel
PartSelect #: PS10105813
Manufacturer #: A201722
  No Longer Available
Kit , Air Filter Cover – Part Number: A201764
Kit , Air Filter Cover
PartSelect #: PS10105829
Manufacturer #: A201764
  No Longer Available
Kit , Air Filter Housing – Part Number: A201763
Kit , Air Filter Housing
PartSelect #: PS10105828
Manufacturer #: A201763
  No Longer Available
Kit, Tension Idler – Part Number: A200826
Kit, Tension Idler
PartSelect #: PS10041131
Manufacturer #: A200826
  No Longer Available

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Common Symptoms of the PFTT140BE

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Drive system does not work
Fixed by
these parts
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Unbolt old cable install new.
Fast and easy
Parts Used:
Spring, Clutch Cable
  • brian from corsicana, TX
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
  • Tools:
    Wrench set
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