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Burner Grate – Part Number: WP2003X030-00
Burner Grate
PartSelect #: PS11738737
Manufacturer #: WP2003X030-00
This square burner grate has sides measuring almost nine inches long. It is all black in color. Sold individually.
  In Stock
Top Burner Knob - black – Part Number: WP74001253
Top Burner Knob - black
PartSelect #: PS11743973
Manufacturer #: WP74001253
This top burner knob is just over two inches in diameter. It is black in color and is made of plastic. This knob has white lettering denoting the off, low, light, and high positions. It also has a red...
  In Stock
Frame Screw – Part Number: WP7101P126-60
Frame Screw
PartSelect #: PS11743908
Manufacturer #: WP7101P126-60
Sold Individually.
  In Stock
Stand Mixer Screw – Part Number: WP4159193
Stand Mixer Screw
PartSelect #: PS11742292
Manufacturer #: WP4159193
This screw is sold individually.
  In Stock
REGULATOR – Part Number: W11170853
PartSelect #: PS12348157
Manufacturer #: W11170853
  Special Order
Valve Screw – Part Number: W10491986
Valve Screw
PartSelect #: PS3651486
Manufacturer #: W10491986
Part might differ in appearance, but functions same as original. Sold individually.
  No Longer Available
COVER- BUR – Part Number: 7724P004-60
PartSelect #: PS2091709
Manufacturer #: 7724P004-60
  No Longer Available
GROMMET- G – Part Number: 8008P039-60
PartSelect #: PS2093333
Manufacturer #: 8008P039-60
  No Longer Available
VALVE – Part Number: 74009941
PartSelect #: PS2087335
Manufacturer #: 74009941
  No Longer Available
NUT- PAL – Part Number: 7103P110-60
PartSelect #: PS2078830
Manufacturer #: 7103P110-60
  No Longer Available
SUPPORT – Part Number: W10209410
PartSelect #: PS2342186
Manufacturer #: W10209410
  No Longer Available
HINGE- TOP – Part Number: 7106P017-60
PartSelect #: PS2078854
Manufacturer #: 7106P017-60
  No Longer Available

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original light grey color grates stained and unsightly--no amount of scrubbing or cleansers would make them look nice.
Opened the box and took out the black color grates~~removed discolored grates and put the new ones on. Looks like a brand new stove and much nicer to look at as it is the first thing you see when you enter the kitchen.
Parts Used:
Burner Grate
  • Linda from Jenison, MI
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
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Missing regulator when floor model gas cooktop was purchased
1. Apply gas pipe joint sealer to treaded nipple on bottom of cooktop; 2. Install regulator on nipple with regulator direction arrow pointing to top of cooktop; 3. Tighten but do not overtighten as it may crack the aluminum body regulator; 4. Make sure the face of the regulator with the green painted surface faces the outside of the cabinet; 5. Get a new gas flex hose to connect to gas pipe (got mine at Lowe's - 2 feet long with all the right fittings for about $15). 6. Follow instructions on gas flex hose - make sure you use gas pipe joint sealer only where indicated; 7. Turn gas shutoff valve back on and test for leaks using soapy water; 8. Turn on each cooktop burner to bleed out air.
Parts Used:
  • Jerald from Loveland, OH
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Total Repair Time:
    1- 2 hours
  • Tools:
    Wrench (Adjustable), Wrench set
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