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BRKT-SUPRT – Part Number: WPW10328377
PartSelect #: PS11752962
Manufacturer #: WPW10328377
  Special Order
FUSE-THRML – Part Number: WPW10328492
PartSelect #: PS11752972
Manufacturer #: WPW10328492
  In Stock
Cooktop - Black – Part Number: WPW10396829
Cooktop - Black
PartSelect #: PS11754202
Manufacturer #: WPW10396829
  In Stock
SPRING – Part Number: W10810497
PartSelect #: PS11722994
Manufacturer #: W10810497
  In Stock
GASKT-CKTP – Part Number: WPW10237005
PartSelect #: PS11750806
Manufacturer #: WPW10237005
  In Stock
ADHESIVE – Part Number: W10310006A
PartSelect #: PS3407736
Manufacturer #: W10310006A
  In Stock
Control, Electric – Part Number: WPW10328481
Control, Electric
PartSelect #: PS11752969
Manufacturer #: WPW10328481
  In Stock
HARNS-WIRE – Part Number: W11428265
PartSelect #: PS12745628
Manufacturer #: W11428265
  In Stock
Control, Electric – Part Number: WPW10396811
Control, Electric
PartSelect #: PS11754196
Manufacturer #: WPW10396811
  Special Order
Cooktop – Part Number: WPW10396832
PartSelect #: PS11754203
Manufacturer #: WPW10396832
  In Stock
Control, Electric – Part Number: WPW10396817
Control, Electric
PartSelect #: PS11754198
Manufacturer #: WPW10396817
  Special Order
BRKT-MNTG – Part Number: W10328499
PartSelect #: PS3408011
Manufacturer #: W10328499
  Special Order

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April 5, 2023
The cook top we just installed is flashing a F47 on the center and two right, two left work.. Should I purchase the fuse and do you have to replace both or is there something else .
For model number KICU569XBL00
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Hi Elaine, thank you for reaching out. Based on our research, the F47 error indicates that there may be a problem with the cooktop power control board, the user interface, or the associated wiring. We recommend resetting the range first: 1- Power the unit down by turning off the circuit breaker for one minute. 2- Power the unit up by turning on the circuit breaker. 3- Monitor the cooktop for one minute to ensure the error code does not display again. 4- Verify cooktop operation. If this does not help, then you may need to replace the control board, part number PS11754196, to fix the issue. Before replacing it, we would suggest checking the wire connections to ensure they are connected properly. We hope this solves your problem!

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Broken glass on induction cooktop
Cut electricity to the cooktop. Lifted cooktop and placed on counter. Removed seven screws and removed the old glass top off and replaced it with the new glass top. Secured it with the seven screws and lifted the cooktop back to the original position. Circuit breaker closed and the induction cooktop worked like new.
Parts Used:
  • David from PROSPECT, KY
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    15 - 30 mins
  • Tools:
    Screw drivers
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