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Sink Flange Gasket/Seal – Part Number: WP4211302
Sink Flange Gasket/Seal
PartSelect #: PS11742343
Manufacturer #: WP4211302
This is a sink flange gasket that is designed for use within various models of sinks and is installed between the strainer and garbage disposal. Made of rubber and measuring approximately 4.5-inches i...
  In Stock
Disposal Stopper – Part Number: W10171477A
Disposal Stopper
PartSelect #: PS2372045
Manufacturer #: W10171477A
  In Stock
Garbage Disposal Wrench – Part Number: WP8174310
Garbage Disposal Wrench
PartSelect #: PS11744906
Manufacturer #: WP8174310
  Special Order
COUPLER – Part Number: W10352995
PartSelect #: PS3497393
Manufacturer #: W10352995
  On Order
Mounting Ring – Part Number: 4211306
Mounting Ring
PartSelect #: PS357369
Manufacturer #: 4211306
  In Stock
CLAMP – Part Number: W11622908
PartSelect #: PS16745115
Manufacturer #: W11622908
  Special Order
Flange Gasket – Part Number: 4211606
Flange Gasket
PartSelect #: PS357514
Manufacturer #: 4211606
  Special Order
GUARD – Part Number: W10171478A
PartSelect #: PS2372046
Manufacturer #: W10171478A
  No Longer Available
KIT-FLANGE – Part Number: W10179031A
PartSelect #: PS2372098
Manufacturer #: W10179031A
  Special Order
Gasket, Mounting – Part Number: W10171105
Gasket, Mounting
PartSelect #: PS2329516
Manufacturer #: W10171105
  No Longer Available
FLANGE – Part Number: 4211308
PartSelect #: PS357371
Manufacturer #: 4211308
  No Longer Available
KIT-INSTAL – Part Number: W10171110A
PartSelect #: PS2372041
Manufacturer #: W10171110A
  Special Order

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Common Symptoms of the KBDS100T0

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Won’t start
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these parts
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Fixed by
these parts
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Flex coupler broke
Simply replaced the broken part. This company got the new part to me incredibly fast, given that this was a special order item. Something that I could not find at a store within 100 miles. I am very happy with this company and hope to never have to use them again, but I know that something will eventually break, so I just may have to. They will be the first one I call on.
Parts Used:
  • Travis from Sweet Home, OR
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    15 - 30 mins
  • Tools:
    Screw drivers
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