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Surface Ignitor – Part Number: WP8190892
Surface Ignitor
PartSelect #: PS11745157
Manufacturer #: WP8190892
Sold individually.
  In Stock
MODULE-SPK – Part Number: W11601369
PartSelect #: PS16744819
Manufacturer #: W11601369
Sold individually. This part sends enough current to the igniter to create a spark to the bottom of the burner cap.
  In Stock
Knob – Part Number: WPW10569186
PartSelect #: PS11756438
Manufacturer #: WPW10569186
  In Stock
Cap, Burner (RF - LR) – Part Number: WP8190893
Cap, Burner (RF - LR)
PartSelect #: PS11745158
Manufacturer #: WP8190893
  In Stock
Spark Ignition Switch – Part Number: WP8190913
Spark Ignition Switch
PartSelect #: PS11745165
Manufacturer #: WP8190913
  Special Order
Grate (2) – Part Number: 8190891
Grate (2)
PartSelect #: PS982062
Manufacturer #: 8190891
  No Longer Available
Clip, Spring (4) – Part Number: 8190904
Clip, Spring (4)
PartSelect #: PS982074
Manufacturer #: 8190904
  No Longer Available
Grate, Center – Part Number: 8190980
Grate, Center
PartSelect #: PS982105
Manufacturer #: 8190980
  No Longer Available
Gas Conversion Kit (Natural Gas To LP Gas) – Part Number: 8190963
Gas Conversion Kit (Natural Gas To LP Gas)
PartSelect #: PS982098
Manufacturer #: 8190963
  No Longer Available
Cap, Burner (LF) – Part Number: 8190895
Cap, Burner (LF)
PartSelect #: PS982061
Manufacturer #: 8190895
  Special Order
Head, Burner (RF-LR) – Part Number: WP8190896
Head, Burner (RF-LR)
PartSelect #: PS11745160
Manufacturer #: WP8190896
  In Stock
Cap, Burner (RR) – Part Number: WP8190894
Cap, Burner (RR)
PartSelect #: PS11745159
Manufacturer #: WP8190894
  In Stock

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March 17, 2020
I’m getting continuous spark only on the small burners. Large burners work fine and all burners light easily. I have tried all the cleaning/alignment fixes and have switched the igniters around - didn’t help. I have heard that maybe there’s a design issue with the small burners on this unit (installed in 2013). Any guidance would be appreciated.
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Hello Jeff, thank you for your question. There are two parts we would recommend testing/replacing. They are the PartSelect Number: PS11745167 spark module and ignition switch PS11745165. The most common cause of that issue is the module so we would recommend replacing that part first. I hope this helps.

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No spark to large burner
Switched spark module from one of the other burners to see if it would work and it did (presto)process of elimination and being in the propane business for 32 years helped
Parts Used:
  • John from Lewes, DE
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
  • Tools:
    Screw drivers
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