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PartSelect #: PS2161035
Manufacturer #: DFC3000AAX
  No Longer Available
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Splash Guard – Part Number: WP4211334
Splash Guard
PartSelect #: PS11742344
Manufacturer #: WP4211334
The splash guard, also known as a mounting gasket, is used for garbage disposals. The splash guard creates a watertight seal between the sink flange and the garbage disposal ring. The rubber cover cov...
  In Stock
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Drain Pipe – Part Number: 4211317
Drain Pipe
PartSelect #: PS357379
Manufacturer #: 4211317
This is a tailpipe, but you may also know it as a drain pipe, and it is compatible with your garbage disposal. The most common reason for needed to replace this part is if it is damaged and leaking. T...
  In Stock
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Tailpipe Flange – Part Number: 4211345
Tailpipe Flange
PartSelect #: PS357404
Manufacturer #: 4211345
  No Longer Available
Stopper – Part Number: 4211577
PartSelect #: PS357507
Manufacturer #: 4211577
Used with garbage disposals.
  In Stock
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Flange Gasket – Part Number: 4211606
Flange Gasket
PartSelect #: PS357514
Manufacturer #: 4211606
  No Longer Available
Seal and Nut Kit – Part Number: 4211578
Seal and Nut Kit
PartSelect #: PS357508
Manufacturer #: 4211578
  No Longer Available
RING- RETA – Part Number: Y752549
PartSelect #: PS2202077
Manufacturer #: Y752549
  No Longer Available
WASHER, THRUST RUBBER – Part Number: 752525
PartSelect #: PS504980
Manufacturer #: 752525
  No Longer Available
GASKET – Part Number: Y08300004
PartSelect #: PS2198138
Manufacturer #: Y08300004
  No Longer Available
USE WPL 4211344 – Part Number: Y752505
USE WPL 4211344
PartSelect #: PS2202065
Manufacturer #: Y752505
  No Longer Available
Start Switch – Part Number: 8174312
Start Switch
PartSelect #: PS391145
Manufacturer #: 8174312
  In Stock
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FLANGE- ST – Part Number: Y08300039
PartSelect #: PS2198145
Manufacturer #: Y08300039
  No Longer Available

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Garbage comes back up sink
Fixed by
these parts
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Fixed by
these parts
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Old splash guard torn and worn out.
Part was oversize, as furnished. So, we cut out the central working part and used silicone sealer to install into the disposal throat (above the old guard). Looks great and works like a charm!
Parts Used:
Splash Guard
  • John Wesley from Rochester, NY
  • Difficulty Level:
    A Bit Difficult
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
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