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Stud – Part Number: V224000031
PartSelect #: PS9237151
Manufacturer #: V224000031
This part is the replacement stud for your chainsaw. It is approximately 1 ¼ inches long and is black in color. The stud secures the chain bar to the chainsaw. It the stud is damaged or missing, it ca...
  In Stock
Clip – Part Number: 13201309820
PartSelect #: PS9261895
Manufacturer #: 13201309820
This genuine fuel clip is a silver, metal, individually sold part. It can be installed with pliers and is rated as Easy to install by customers. This part attaches to the fuel filter to secure the fu...
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Nut – Part Number: V265000200
PartSelect #: PS9236120
Manufacturer #: V265000200
  In Stock
Gear, Bevel – Part Number: V651000011
Gear, Bevel
PartSelect #: PS9237267
Manufacturer #: V651000011
  In Stock
Flange Nut 6 – Part Number: 43301903933
Flange Nut 6
PartSelect #: PS9279274
Manufacturer #: 43301903933
  In Stock
Gear, Bevel – Part Number: V651000001
Gear, Bevel
PartSelect #: PS9246388
Manufacturer #: V651000001
  In Stock
Grommet – Part Number: 13211544330
PartSelect #: PS8862216
Manufacturer #: 13211544330
  No Longer Available
Spark Plug Champion Rcj6Y – Part Number: 15901010630
Spark Plug Champion Rcj6Y
PartSelect #: PS9896342
Manufacturer #: 15901010630
  No Longer Available
Tensioner, Chain – Part Number: C309000030
Tensioner, Chain
PartSelect #: PS9191505
Manufacturer #: C309000030
  In Stock
Clip – Part Number: V490001230
PartSelect #: PS10053748
Manufacturer #: V490001230
Used in over 150 models of outdoor power equipment, this clip is commonly used to clip fuel lines or other hoses/tubes in place. It is sold individually, not as part of a kit or assembly, made of meta...
  In Stock
Screw 5x20 – Part Number: 90025305020
Screw 5x20
PartSelect #: PS9153156
Manufacturer #: 90025305020
  In Stock
Grommet – Part Number: 13211501461
PartSelect #: PS9261900
Manufacturer #: 13211501461
  No Longer Available
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worn out paddles and scrapper blade
I followed the instructions on Youtube, but I used an Impact drill and ratchet set. The hardest part is assembling the screw on the lower part of the paddle. It helps if you have your snow blower against a wall or something else so that it can not move b/c you will need some strength to push the screw threw the pre-drilled hole to the 10mm nut. I used a vise grip to hold the nut do to the lack of space and with my impact driver started to thread the screw to the nut. This part took about 1 min on one side and 10 minutes on the other side. I guess I got lucky the first time. Changing the scraper blade took about 4 minutes start to finish. It will help if you have needle nose pliers to remove and reattach the spring on each side. The instruction on you tube were very helpful. Hope you find this information helpful.
Parts Used:
Gear, Bevel Collar, 8 Bolt, 5 Gear, Bevel Tensioner, Chain Screw 5.7 4X12
  • Difficulty Level:
    A Bit Difficult
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
  • Tools:
    Pliers, Screw drivers, Socket set
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