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Knob – Part Number: s137-0001
PartSelect #: PS10050309
Manufacturer #: s137-0001
  In Stock
Regulator Repair Kit – Part Number: 105-0004
Regulator Repair Kit
PartSelect #: PS9877209
Manufacturer #: 105-0004
  In Stock
Piston & Cylinder Assembly – Part Number: 048-0074
Piston & Cylinder Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9868931
Manufacturer #: 048-0074
  In Stock
Spring – Part Number: 055-0005
PartSelect #: PS9869172
Manufacturer #: 055-0005
  On Order
Grommet – Part Number: 093-0019
PartSelect #: PS9872273
Manufacturer #: 093-0019
  In Stock
Pressure Switch – Part Number: 034-0202
Pressure Switch
PartSelect #: PS11873107
Manufacturer #: 034-0202
  In Stock
O-Ring 1.5" – Part Number: 513-0002
O-Ring 1.5"
PartSelect #: PS9963645
Manufacturer #: 513-0002
  In Stock
Check Valve Assembly – Part Number: 139-0013
Check Valve Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9890500
Manufacturer #: 139-0013
  Special Order
Gauge, 255# 1/8 – Part Number: 032-0056
Gauge, 255# 1/8
PartSelect #: PS9868128
Manufacturer #: 032-0056
  In Stock
Bushing, 1-1/2 Npsm x 1/4 Npt – Part Number: 512-0035
Bushing, 1-1/2 Npsm x 1/4 Npt
PartSelect #: PS9963522
Manufacturer #: 512-0035
  In Stock

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hubcap fell off my coleman air compressor
repair didn't happen the part was the wrong size so i wasted $20 and my time because the part was on back order (which the website did not show) Will never use you service again, complete waste of time and money
Parts Used:
  • Richard from AUBURN, WA
  • Difficulty Level:
    Very Difficult
  • Total Repair Time:
    More than 2 hours
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Compressor pump not filling ballast tank
1.) Disassemble the pump/motor assembly located on the top of the unit:
a.) Remove outermost plastic shroud. You will need a nut driver with an extension to get to one hex screw - a good Xcelite set will do.
b.) Remove inner plastic shroud with filter sponge. If filter sponge is clogged, replace it.
c.) With plastic shrouds removed, begin disassembling the metal pump components. Start by removing the four screws around the dome cover.
d.) Remove last two screws holding valve plate to piston housing case and remove.
e.) Remove the piston cylinder from the piston housing by lifting up.
f.) Loosen the clamp screw holding the piston rod to the bearing. Pull the piston away from the bearing - you might have to wiggle or pry on it a bit to slip it off. If you have to pry it off, pry only the piston rod itself - take care not to damage the bearing.

2.) Inspect gaskets for wear or damage - replace as necessary. For Piston and Cylinder assembly kit purchased from Parts Select, a gasket mated between the cylinder and valve plate will be included.

3.) Inspect valve plate for bent valve reeds or for debris caught between the valve reeds and the plate. Remove any material found and replace valve reeds as necessary.

4.) Reassemble by following instructions from step 1 in reverse. Mind the torque specifications - images are available online for these torque specifications.
Parts Used:
Piston & Cylinder Assembly
  • Timothy from Chandler, AZ
  • Difficulty Level:
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
  • Tools:
    Nutdriver, Screw drivers, Wrench (Adjustable)
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