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Screw – Part Number: WP489478
PartSelect #: PS11742754
Manufacturer #: WP489478
Sold individually.
  In Stock
Screw, 8-18 x 1/2 – Part Number: WP3390631
Screw, 8-18 x 1/2
PartSelect #: PS11741443
Manufacturer #: WP3390631
This screw is sold individually.
  In Stock
Dryer Screw – Part Number: WPW10109200
Dryer Screw
PartSelect #: PS11748297
Manufacturer #: WPW10109200
11-16 x 3/4 Sold individually.
  In Stock
Single Hex Head Screw – Part Number: WP489069
Single Hex Head Screw
PartSelect #: PS11742731
Manufacturer #: WP489069
Sold individually. The size of this screw is 1/4" hex head and 10-12 x 1/2".
  In Stock
Screw – Part Number: 489392
PartSelect #: PS880648
Manufacturer #: 489392
This screw is sold individually.
  Special Order
Silicone Rubber Adhesive - 2 oz – Part Number: WP279368
Silicone Rubber Adhesive - 2 oz
PartSelect #: PS11740605
Manufacturer #: WP279368
Silicone rubber adhesive is a high temperature adhesive that is used for gaskets on dryers and felt seals. It is used on many different appliances for many different application reasons. This silicone...
  In Stock
Screw – Part Number: WP3196557
PartSelect #: PS11740992
Manufacturer #: WP3196557
Sold individually.
  In Stock
Screw, 8-18 x 1/2 – Part Number: WP9740848
Screw, 8-18 x 1/2
PartSelect #: PS11747046
Manufacturer #: WP9740848
  Special Order
Winter Air Conditioner Cover – Part Number: 484069
Winter Air Conditioner Cover
PartSelect #: PS376816
Manufacturer #: 484069
  No Longer Available
Screw, 8-18 x 5/8 – Part Number: WP489463
Screw, 8-18 x 5/8
PartSelect #: PS11742750
Manufacturer #: WP489463
  Special Order
Zip Tie – Part Number: WPW10339879
Zip Tie
PartSelect #: PS11753208
Manufacturer #: WPW10339879
A zip tie, also known as a cable tie or a wire tie, is a fastening device that holds wires or tubing together. If a machine has wires or tubing that are easily shifted, you need to hold them tightly t...
  In Stock
BLADE-FAN – Part Number: 1187178
PartSelect #: PS895599
Manufacturer #: 1187178
  No Longer Available

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loud noise and the window ac unit stop working
i notice the window ac unit was making loud noise and than motor stop and the unit turn off itself then turn on , first i order the capacitor but at the end was the motor that was bad, i return the capacitor and i order new motor, now the ac window unit is working like new,,
Parts Used:
  • carlos from hillsboro, TX
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    15 - 30 mins
  • Tools:
    Nutdriver, Pliers, Screw drivers
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