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Gasket Kit – Part Number: E100959
Gasket Kit
PartSelect #: PS10044723
Manufacturer #: E100959
  In Stock
Regulator – Part Number: E100059
PartSelect #: PS10044634
Manufacturer #: E100059
  In Stock
Oil Fl Cap – Part Number: E100087
Oil Fl Cap
PartSelect #: PS10044637
Manufacturer #: E100087
  In Stock
Valve Reed – Part Number: E100229
Valve Reed
PartSelect #: PS10044654
Manufacturer #: E100229
  In Stock
Piston Kit – Part Number: E100251
Piston Kit
PartSelect #: PS10044663
Manufacturer #: E100251
This piston kit is for air compressors. The piston kit contains parts for rebuilding the piston and related parts. The kit may include multiple parts; refer to your parts diagram for a complete lis...
  In Stock
Drain Valve Multi Turn – Part Number: E100098
Drain Valve Multi Turn
PartSelect #: PS10044644
Manufacturer #: E100098
  In Stock
Chk Valve – Part Number: E100898
Chk Valve
PartSelect #: PS10044717
Manufacturer #: E100898
  In Stock
Isolator – Part Number: E100102
PartSelect #: PS11995732
Manufacturer #: E100102
  In Stock
Metal Kit – Part Number: E100794
Metal Kit
PartSelect #: PS10044711
Manufacturer #: E100794
  No Longer Available
Filter – Part Number: E100435
PartSelect #: PS10044707
Manufacturer #: E100435
  In Stock

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    September 20, 2021
    When turned on unit hums and then pops circuit braker
    For model number 921153101
    Hello Chuck, thank you for your question. We have researched the model you have provided, and we would suggest the start capacitor, part number PS10044662. We hope this helps!

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      Common Symptoms of the 921153101

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      No compressed air
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      these parts
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      Air leak
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      these parts
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      Compressor runs but not building pressure
      Could not find external leak, so assumed problem was in the cylinder head. I removed the big, black plastic shroud, and disconnected the line with the cooling fins leading from the cylinder head to the tank. I then unbolted the 4 Allen bolts holding the cylinder head to the cylinder body. I discovered the gasket that sits on top of the valve plate was shredded in the center piece that separates the intake port from the exhaust port. I put in new reed valves (PS10044654) and replaced the blue gasket between the cylinder and the lower valve plate and the metal gasket between the valve plates and the blue gasket on top of the upper valve plate. The gaskets are part of gasket kit PS10044723. I had to scrape the old blue gaskets off, which was the most time consuming part of the repair. I used valve grease to hold the reed valves in place during re-assembly. I did not use the gasket at the base of the cylinder or the gasket that is used for the crank case cover since neither was removed. Reinstalled the Allen bolts, the line to the tank from the cylinder head and the plastic shroud. Compressor works fine now.
      Parts Used:
      Gasket Kit
      • Andrew from FORT MILL, SC
      • Difficulty Level:
      • Total Repair Time:
        30 - 60 mins
      • Tools:
        Wrench (Adjustable)
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