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Drain Valve – Part Number: N286039
Drain Valve
PartSelect #: PS10049093
Manufacturer #: N286039
Frequently referred to as a Drain Plug, this Drain Valve is used to drain any condensation that has collected inside the tank to prevent the tank from rusting. It is not part of a kit or assembly, is ...
  In Stock
O-ring Kit – Part Number: ACG-45
O-ring Kit
PartSelect #: PS10042509
Manufacturer #: ACG-45
  In Stock
Ac Cord – Part Number: D26615
Ac Cord
PartSelect #: PS10044332
Manufacturer #: D26615
  In Stock
Fan – Part Number: A11031
PartSelect #: PS10040443
Manufacturer #: A11031
  In Stock
Piston Rod – Part Number: N038785
Piston Rod
PartSelect #: PS10049059
Manufacturer #: N038785
This is a Genuine OEM replacement part designed for use with Air Compressors. This kit includes parts commonly responsible for low compression, including the piston and compression ring. Please note t...
  In Stock
Wheel – Part Number: D23138
PartSelect #: PS10044248
Manufacturer #: D23138
  On Order
Valve Chck – Part Number: A19715
Valve Chck
PartSelect #: PS10040595
Manufacturer #: A19715
  In Stock
Belt – Part Number: N011005
PartSelect #: PS10049042
Manufacturer #: N011005
it is a genuine item that is supplied directly from the original equipment manufacturer for use with Craftsman air compressors. This high-quality belt provides an identical replacement for a missing o...
  In Stock
Brushes – Part Number: A10157SV
PartSelect #: PS10040425
Manufacturer #: A10157SV
  In Stock
Shouldr Bolt – Part Number: CAC-60
Shouldr Bolt
PartSelect #: PS10043734
Manufacturer #: CAC-60
Used to secure the wheels on a compressor or generator, this Shoulder Bolt is roughly 3.75 inches long and is sourced directly from the original equipment manufacturer. It is made of dark grey metal,...   No Longer Available

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    July 27, 2021
    Trying to change belt on craftsman air compressor. How do you remove the cover from the belt?
    For model number 919167620
    Hello Cynthia, Thank you for the question. Here is a repair story from a previous customer that should hep. " 1 Remove panel and cover for gauges regulator. All screws take a #30 Torx bit. Use with a small ratchet. 2. Remove cover for the fly wheel needs a smaller Torx Bit 12 or 14. The cover needs to be pried apart to expose the flywheel and piston rod. The best way to remove the bolt would be to use a 3/4 inch impact wrench. However, if you have no other compressor place a piece of wood under the piston rod for support and Use a 3/4 inch box wrench and if necessary a length of. Pipe over the wrench for leverage to loosen the bolt 3. You will probably need to gently pry the piston rod from the flywheel. 4. If the old belt was broken or badly worn remove it. 5. Install new belt. You can probably put the new belt on without adjusting the tension wheel. 6. Reassemble get push rod bolt as tight as you can then holding wrench firmly on nut tap it with a hammer several times lightly. 7. Replace cover over flywheel. 8. Replace gauges regulator etc in cover and replace on compressor body. Plug in and start." We hope this helps!

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    December 10, 2019
    Compressor runs, but seems to labor, not running full speed,or power.Removed inlet tube from tank & ran, runs full power & pumps good air supply.Re-connect air supply tube to tank & the problem occurs.
    For model number 919167620
    Hello Robert and thanks for writing. An air compressor that will not run at full speed will normally reach the cut-out pressure level and stop. Running on low speed will result in the compressor motor overheating. Even though the compressor motor might shut down due to it having a thermal cut off switch, overheating the motor is never good. For more specialized assistance or to speak with someone about this, we would suggest calling the manufacturer of the unit directly. Once you get the information you need, we should be able to find the information on our site for you. We hope this helps Craftsman Customer Service 800-349-4358 We do carry related parts for units just like yours. For example, part number PS10049059 Good luck with your repair.

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