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Nut – Part Number: V265000200
PartSelect #: PS9236120
Manufacturer #: V265000200
  On Order
Filter, Fuel – Part Number: A369000460
Filter, Fuel
PartSelect #: PS11826309
Manufacturer #: A369000460
The Fuel Filter is a white and silver, individually sold, steel part. It reuires pliers to install and its installation is rated as Easy. The part attaches inside of the fuel tank and is used to cle...
  In Stock
Spark Plug-Bpmr-7A – Part Number: 15901010230
Spark Plug-Bpmr-7A
PartSelect #: PS8869847
Manufacturer #: 15901010230
  In Stock
Gasket, Cap – Part Number: V106000080
Gasket, Cap
PartSelect #: PS9237389
Manufacturer #: V106000080
  In Stock
Clip 6 – Part Number: V490000500
Clip 6
PartSelect #: PS9238696
Manufacturer #: V490000500
This OEM Clip is a silver, steel part, which is sold individually. The part secures the fuel line to the fuel filter and is rated as Easy to install. You will know you need a new one if there is a l...
  In Stock
Adjusting Stud – Part Number: C309000110
Adjusting Stud
PartSelect #: PS10043357
Manufacturer #: C309000110
  In Stock
Spring Washer 8 – Part Number: 90060500008
Spring Washer 8
PartSelect #: PS9308890
Manufacturer #: 90060500008
The OEM M8 Lock Washer (Spring Washer 8) is an 8mm silver, metal part. It can be installed with a wrench set and socket set. It prevents bolts or nuts from loosening. If broken, the bolt or nut it is ...
  In Stock
Strainer – Part Number: 12312610631
PartSelect #: PS9261206
Manufacturer #: 12312610631
  In Stock
Diaphragm-Metering – Part Number: 12314103930
PartSelect #: PS9261215
Manufacturer #: 12314103930
  In Stock
Plug 22 – Part Number: V421000010
Plug 22
PartSelect #: PS9242520
Manufacturer #: V421000010
  In Stock
Cap, Limiter – Part Number: P003000010
Cap, Limiter
PartSelect #: PS9244898
Manufacturer #: P003000010
  In Stock
Clip, Thrt Shft 16-73 – Part Number: 12312715030
Clip, Thrt Shft 16-73
PartSelect #: PS8856795
Manufacturer #: 12312715030
  In Stock

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Replace clogged fuel filter.
Thru fuel cap, insert copper wire with hook formed on end. Fish around until you grab the fuel line. Pull the fuel line and filter thru the fuel fill neck.
Pull off old filter and replace with new. Push back into fuel tank & be done.
Parts Used:
Filter, Fuel
  • Keith from NORWOOD, NJ
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
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