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Washer Head Screw – Part Number: 584953901
Washer Head Screw
PartSelect #: PS9982804
Manufacturer #: 584953901
This part is the replacement washer head screw for your lawn tractor. It is black in color and is approximately an inch and a half in length. This self-threading screw is most commonly used for securi...
  In Stock
Bolt and Washer Assembly – Part Number: 532193003
Bolt and Washer Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9020856
Manufacturer #: 532193003
This manufacturer-approved bolt and washer assembly is for lawn tractors. Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.
  In Stock
Idler Pulley, Flat – Part Number: 539110311
Idler Pulley, Flat
PartSelect #: PS9031679
Manufacturer #: 539110311
This is an OEM replacement part for various models of lawn mowers. The Idler Pulley is used to apply tension to the blade belt, allowing the belt to turn. It has an O.D. of approx. 2.75 inches, is ma...
  In Stock
Bearing-Ball-Mandrel – Part Number: 532110485
PartSelect #: PS9285698
Manufacturer #: 532110485
  In Stock
Washout Port – Part Number: 532415598
Washout Port
PartSelect #: PS9023060
Manufacturer #: 532415598
  In Stock
Washer-Spacer – Part Number: 532187690
PartSelect #: PS9286886
Manufacturer #: 532187690
  In Stock
Bolt-Shoulder – Part Number: 532193406
PartSelect #: PS9016060
Manufacturer #: 532193406
  No Longer Available
Lawn Tractor Ground Drive Belt – Part Number: 539110411
Lawn Tractor Ground Drive Belt
PartSelect #: PS9288485
Manufacturer #: 539110411
(1/2 x 56-5/16-inch) This ground drive belt is for lawn tractors. Ground drive belt turns the transmission pulley to move the tractor. Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.
  In Stock
Pulley Idler – Part Number: 532196106
Pulley Idler
PartSelect #: PS9287043
Manufacturer #: 532196106
This blade idler pulley (part number 196106) is for lawn tractors. Blade idler pulley 196106 applies tension to the blade belt, allowing the belt to turn.
  In Stock
Screw – Part Number: 532137729
PartSelect #: PS9009676
Manufacturer #: 532137729
  In Stock
Nut-Push – Part Number: 532110452
PartSelect #: PS9285696
Manufacturer #: 532110452
The Push Nut is a black, metal nut, which can be installed with pliers and a hammer. It's used to secure parts in place in various locations on a variety of equipment. If damaged will not longer hold ...
  In Stock
Nut Lock 5/16-18 – Part Number: 873800500
Nut Lock 5/16-18
PartSelect #: PS9160134
Manufacturer #: 873800500
Nut lock 5/16-18 (5/1 Lock nut) is a 5/1-18 inch silver metal nut. It can be installed using a wrench or socket to secure parts in pace, and to lock down to prevent backing out due to vibration. If da...   No Longer Available

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Deflector shield cracked. Need to replace.
Mark the location of the spring so you know how it goes on. Snip off the push nut holding the deflector shield pin. Hammer the pin out. Insert the pin with the spring holding the new deflector shield. Use a socket to steady the push nut and hammer the pin into the push net until secure.
Parts Used:
Nut-Push Deflector Shield
  • Travis from PLATTE CITY, MO
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
  • Tools:
    Socket set
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