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Decal-Steering Wheel Insert – Part Number: 284-3
Decal-Steering Wheel Insert
This part number matches the current model number 284-3
PartSelect #: PS9274710
Manufacturer #: 284-3
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Fuel Line and Filter – Part Number: 791-682039
Fuel Line and Filter
PartSelect #: PS10014709
Manufacturer #: 791-682039
This OEM fuel line and filter supply fuel from the tank of your engine to its carburetor. Made of clear plastic and sold individually, the fuel line may end up clogged or cracked, causing fuel to leak...
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Primer and Hose Assembly – Part Number: 791-683974B
Primer and Hose Assembly
PartSelect #: PS10014772
Manufacturer #: 791-683974B
This manufacturer-certified primer and hose assembly includes the primer bulb, the primer bulb housing, and the fuel line. Any or all of the clear plastic parts in this assembly may experience wear an...
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Bump Head Knob Assembly – Part Number: 791-153066B
Bump Head Knob Assembly
PartSelect #: PS9306452
Manufacturer #: 791-153066B
This genuine bump head knob assembly, sometimes known simply as the bump head, is black and approximately 2 inches long. Sold individually, this plastic part releases the cutting line. Over time, this...
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TT Screw 1/4-20 x 0.5 – Part Number: 710-0599
TT Screw 1/4-20 x 0.5
PartSelect #: PS9298768
Manufacturer #: 710-0599
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Spark Plug – Part Number: 791-610311B
Spark Plug
PartSelect #: PS10014637
Manufacturer #: 791-610311B
This Spark Plug is inserted into the cylinder head and is rated as "Easy" to install. The spark plug ignites the air fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber. If the part doesn't work, or is missing...
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Spring – Part Number: 791-610317B
PartSelect #: PS10014644
Manufacturer #: 791-610317B
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Washer-Lock 5/16 – Part Number: 936-0119
Washer-Lock 5/16
PartSelect #: PS9311087
Manufacturer #: 936-0119
This Washer-Lock 5/16 is a silver, metal part that is sold individually and comes direct from the manufacturer. With a 5/16 Inch Interior Diameter and 1/2 Inch Outside Diameter, it is used to prevent ...
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Carburetor Gasket – Part Number: 791-610675
Carburetor Gasket
PartSelect #: PS10014659
Manufacturer #: 791-610675
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Throttle Control Wire 55" – Part Number: 946-0671A
Throttle Control Wire 55"
PartSelect #: PS9311802
Manufacturer #: 946-0671A
This Throttle Control Wire is a 55-inch black Throttle Cable, made of metal with a rubberized casing. It's rated as "Easy" to install, attaching from the throttle control to the carburetor, and requir...
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Lower Handle – Part Number: 749-0928A-0637
Lower Handle
PartSelect #: PS9303048
Manufacturer #: 749-0928A-0637
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Crankcase Cover Gasket – Part Number: 753-1208
Crankcase Cover Gasket
PartSelect #: PS10009849
Manufacturer #: 753-1208
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Clutch Cover Assembly – Part Number: 791-180098
Clutch Cover Assembly
PartSelect #: PS10013425
Manufacturer #: 791-180098
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Rear flap had deteriorated.
Grip each retaining clip next to the housing with large pliers. Squeeze clip completely and pull straight out. Important: Do not attempt to bend clip up or down as clip may bend and become very difficult to remove. When old flap is removed, mower edge can be cleaned and painted to avoid rust. Install new flap in same direction front/rear as removed flap. Reinstall clips in same direction as they were, as up and down sides are not the same.
Parts Used:
Rear Flap (22&#34)
  • David from PITTSBURGH, PA
  • Difficulty Level:
    A Bit Difficult
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
  • Tools:
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