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Kit, Scaper Bar & Flight – Part Number: 1687806
Kit, Scaper Bar & Flight
PartSelect #: PS10069504
Manufacturer #: 1687806
  In Stock
Nut, Hex Lock, Nylon, 1/4-20 – Part Number: 1752935YP
Nut, Hex Lock, Nylon, 1/4-20
PartSelect #: PS8898862
Manufacturer #: 1752935YP
  In Stock
Screw, Allen Head, 1/4-20 X 5/8 – Part Number: 5025299X5YP
Screw, Allen Head, 1/4-20 X 5/8
PartSelect #: PS8987257
Manufacturer #: 5025299X5YP
  Special Order
Screw Hex Hd, .25-15X. 75 – Part Number: 7091081SM
Screw Hex Hd, .25-15X. 75
PartSelect #: PS9298375
Manufacturer #: 7091081SM
  Special Order
Kit, Auger Pulley – Part Number: 709875
Kit, Auger Pulley
PartSelect #: PS16405969
Manufacturer #: 709875
  Special Order
Support, Scraper Blade – Part Number: 1752660AYP
Support, Scraper Blade
PartSelect #: PS8898897
Manufacturer #: 1752660AYP
  No Longer Available
Kit, Auger Flight – Part Number: 1687804
Kit, Auger Flight
PartSelect #: PS16297198
Manufacturer #: 1687804
  Special Order
Screw, Hex Head Cap M6 1.0 X 12Mm Yz – Part Number: 7091835YP
Screw, Hex Head Cap M6 1.0 X 12Mm Yz
PartSelect #: PS11838663
Manufacturer #: 7091835YP
  Special Order
Screw, Pan Head Torx, 1/4-20 X 3/4 – Part Number: 770003
Screw, Pan Head Torx, 1/4-20 X 3/4
PartSelect #: PS16431584
Manufacturer #: 770003
  Special Order
Remote Chute Assembly, Handle – Part Number: 770633
Remote Chute Assembly, Handle
PartSelect #: PS16431807
Manufacturer #: 770633
  Special Order
Belt, Drive – Part Number: 709868
Belt, Drive
PartSelect #: PS16405963
Manufacturer #: 709868
  In Stock
Decal, Chute, Fr/Eng – Part Number: 1739966YP
Decal, Chute, Fr/Eng
PartSelect #: PS8895314
Manufacturer #: 1739966YP
  Special Order

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Scraper bar and flight worn past wear limit.
Removed scraper bar and support. Removed flight paddles. Several retaining screws were seized requiring WD-40 and vice grips for removal. Torx sockets stripped out due to threads being seized. Hex head cap screws would be better for both scraper bar and flight papples.once the screws were removed I used a tap to clean the threads and applied lubricant to minimize future corrosion. Three of the four lock nuts for the scraper bar were either not included or lost in shipping due to poor packing requiring me to purchase replacements.
Overall, the job took longer than it should have due to the additional time required to remove seized screws and acquire replacement lock nuts.
Parts Used:
Kit, Scaper Bar & Flight
  • Duane from RICHFIELD, MN
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
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