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Plug-Spark – Part Number: 796112S
PartSelect #: PS9140427
Manufacturer #: 796112S
This part is the replacement spark plug for your engine. It measures approximately 2.5 inches by 1 inch. The spark plug creates the spark that ignites fuel in your engine during the combustion process...
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Spring-Rewind Str – Part Number: 490179
Spring-Rewind Str
PartSelect #: PS8978476
Manufacturer #: 490179
This rewind starter spring or as it is also known, recoil spring, rewinds the pull robe back into the starter housing of your engine. The spring is made of metal, silver colored, and sold individually...
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Key-Flywheel – Part Number: 222698S
PartSelect #: PS8925657
Manufacturer #: 222698S
  In Stock
Clutch-Starter – Part Number: 399671
PartSelect #: PS8968281
Manufacturer #: 399671
  In Stock
Seal-Oil – Part Number: 299819S
PartSelect #: PS8948679
Manufacturer #: 299819S
This OEM Oil Seal is an individually sold rubber part which is attached around the axis shaft on the crankcase housing to provide a proper seal. A broken seal will lead to a leak, and the part should ...
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Gasket-Intake – Part Number: 27355S
PartSelect #: PS8941014
Manufacturer #: 27355S
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Screw – Part Number: 692198
PartSelect #: PS9294799
Manufacturer #: 692198
  In Stock
Switch-Rotary – Part Number: 692309
PartSelect #: PS9074729
Manufacturer #: 692309
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Gasket-Breather – Part Number: 27549S
PartSelect #: PS8943888
Manufacturer #: 27549S
The Breather Gasket is OEM and used to provide an airtight seal for the breather assembly. It is a gray part, attached between the breather cap and engine. Installation is rated "Easy" and will requir...
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Filter-Air Cleaner Cartridge – Part Number: 396424S
Filter-Air Cleaner Cartridge
PartSelect #: PS8967621
Manufacturer #: 396424S
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Boot-Spark Plug – Part Number: 66538S
Boot-Spark Plug
PartSelect #: PS9055852
Manufacturer #: 66538S
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Screw – Part Number: 690953
PartSelect #: PS9073131
Manufacturer #: 690953
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Could not keep an aftermarket muffler on the engine.
Once I determined what OEM muffler I needed, installation was relatively easy. I have a 1982 4hp Briggs on my Snapper tiller. There was a 90* galvanized elbow coming out of the exhaust port, with a bezel nut to lock it down. Do not remove the elbow, even though it appears that you should. If you install the muffler without the elbow the muffler will parallel the the vacuum for the carburetor and can melt the rubber couplers. Use the elbow to direct the heat away from the carburetor. Use a pipe wrench to lock down the bezel nut because the weight of the muffler, especially under vibration, can work loose and fall down on the tine belt cover and melt it. The bezel nut that comes with the muffler should also be used to lock down the muffler to the threaded intake bracket that comes with the muffler, not to replace the bezel nut for the elbow.
Parts Used:
  • Richard from KERNERSVILLE, NC
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    15 - 30 mins
  • Tools:
    Wrench set
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