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Line-Fuel – Part Number: 791745
PartSelect #: PS9140673
Manufacturer #: 791745
  In Stock
Gasket- Exhaust – Part Number: 692237
Gasket- Exhaust
PartSelect #: PS9294810
Manufacturer #: 692237
  Special Order
Regulator-AVR Control – Part Number: 205858GS
Regulator-AVR Control
PartSelect #: PS9270265
Manufacturer #: 205858GS
The OEM voltage regulator or voltage control is a part used to regulate the voltage so it can provide the right amount of power to electrical components. It attaches inside the alternator housing. The...
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Wheel – Part Number: 209322GS
PartSelect #: PS8914262
Manufacturer #: 209322GS
  In Stock
Valve, Tank – Part Number: 310574GS
Valve, Tank
PartSelect #: PS9939125
Manufacturer #: 310574GS
  In Stock
BOTTLE, Oil – Part Number: 100005
PartSelect #: PS8817222
Manufacturer #: 100005
  In Stock
Assembly, Holder, Brush – Part Number: 66386GS
Assembly, Holder, Brush
PartSelect #: PS9063496
Manufacturer #: 66386GS
  In Stock
Screw, M5 - .8 X 10 Taptite – Part Number: 74908GS
Screw, M5 - .8 X 10 Taptite
PartSelect #: PS9116859
Manufacturer #: 74908GS
  In Stock
Retaining Ring – Part Number: 703976
Retaining Ring
PartSelect #: PS11829825
Manufacturer #: 703976
  In Stock
Cover, Rbc Plastic With Cap – Part Number: 195422GS
Cover, Rbc Plastic With Cap
PartSelect #: PS8909587
Manufacturer #: 195422GS
  In Stock
Kit,Vibration Mount, 45'. – Part Number: 194150GS
Kit,Vibration Mount, 45'.
PartSelect #: PS9269331
Manufacturer #: 194150GS
  In Stock
Nut, M8 Flange Serrated – Part Number: 67989GS
Nut, M8 Flange Serrated
PartSelect #: PS9293606
Manufacturer #: 67989GS
The manufacturer certified M8 Flange Nut is an 8mm silver, serrated, metal part. It can be installed using a wrench or socket, and is used to secure parts in place and secure the load. If broken or da...
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Generator would not start, Birggs & Stratton recommended to replase Gasket Exhaust.
Remove the spark suppresser, 4 face screws, 2 bottom screws and the two screws the hold the gasket. I also had to back out the top screw of the cover it blocked and prevented the removal of the gasket.
Parts Used:
Gasket- Exhaust
  • Alberto from PALMETTO BAY, FL
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
  • Tools:
    Socket set
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