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Line-Fuel – Part Number: 791745
PartSelect #: PS9140673
Manufacturer #: 791745
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Solenoid-Starter – Part Number: 691656
PartSelect #: PS9064363
Manufacturer #: 691656
  In Stock
Regulator-AVR Control – Part Number: 205858GS
Regulator-AVR Control
PartSelect #: PS9270265
Manufacturer #: 205858GS
The OEM voltage regulator or voltage control is a part used to regulate the voltage so it can provide the right amount of power to electrical components. It attaches inside the alternator housing. The...
  In Stock
Wheel – Part Number: 209322GS
PartSelect #: PS8914262
Manufacturer #: 209322GS
  In Stock
Valve, Fuel – Part Number: 310573GS
Valve, Fuel
PartSelect #: PS9939124
Manufacturer #: 310573GS
  In Stock
E-Ring – Part Number: 703977
PartSelect #: PS10000220
Manufacturer #: 703977
The OEM E-Ring is a silver metal part used to secure the wheel on the shaft. If broken, the wheel may fall off, and the part must be replaced. It is rated as "Easy" to install and requires pliers and a screw driver.
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Battery Charger – Part Number: 705927
Battery Charger
PartSelect #: PS12089850
Manufacturer #: 705927
  In Stock
Battery – Part Number: 193463GS
PartSelect #: PS8906971
Manufacturer #: 193463GS
This Battery supplies power to a generator's electrical systems. It attaches inside the battery housing, which is usually mounted to the frame. It can be installed using a wrench set, and its installa...
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Breaker, Circuit, 30A – Part Number: 192785GS
Breaker, Circuit, 30A
PartSelect #: PS9269236
Manufacturer #: 192785GS
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Mount, Vibration – Part Number: 87841GS
Mount, Vibration
PartSelect #: PS9308423
Manufacturer #: 87841GS
The OEM vibration mount is a black rubber part, which is used to prevent vibrations between the frame of the generator and the floor. It can be installed with a screw driver,and its installation is ra...
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Switch, Set Exercise – Part Number: 87799GS
Switch, Set Exercise
PartSelect #: PS9160620
Manufacturer #: 87799GS
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Assembly, Support – Part Number: 198629GS
Assembly, Support
PartSelect #: PS8908575
Manufacturer #: 198629GS
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Wouldn’t start.
I installed a new solenoid starter. Took me a total of 20 minutes. Started right up.
Parts Used:
  • Bruce from CARNATION, WA
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    30 - 60 mins
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