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DISCONTINUED – Part Number: Y0052331
This part number matches the current model number 0052331
PartSelect #: PS2185010
Manufacturer #: Y0052331
  No Longer Available
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Carburetor – Part Number: 0A4600
PartSelect #: PS9873484
Manufacturer #: 0A4600
  In Stock
Push Rod 174.9 – Part Number: 0D9853B
Push Rod 174.9
PartSelect #: PS9873882
Manufacturer #: 0D9853B
  In Stock
Element, Air Filter – Part Number: 073111S
Element, Air Filter
PartSelect #: PS9870259
Manufacturer #: 073111S
  In Stock
Cover, Air Cleaner 13Gn – Part Number: 073104B
Cover, Air Cleaner 13Gn
PartSelect #: PS9870257
Manufacturer #: 073104B
  In Stock
Seal, 35 I.D. Crankshaft – Part Number: 0E3812
Seal, 35 I.D. Crankshaft
PartSelect #: PS9873909
Manufacturer #: 0E3812
  Special Order
Oil Filter – Part Number: 070185DS
Oil Filter
PartSelect #: PS9870037
Manufacturer #: 070185DS
  No Longer Available
Spring, Anti-Lash – Part Number: 0C3978
Spring, Anti-Lash
PartSelect #: PS9873576
Manufacturer #: 0C3978
  In Stock
Assembly, Starter 46 – Part Number: 0E0601ASRV
Assembly, Starter 46
PartSelect #: PS9873892
Manufacturer #: 0E0601ASRV
  In Stock
Spark Plug Gap: 0.030" – Part Number: 0E7585
Spark Plug Gap: 0.030"
PartSelect #: PS9873931
Manufacturer #: 0E7585
  In Stock
Recoil Starter Large Frame – Part Number: 0E94830SRV
Recoil Starter Large Frame
PartSelect #: PS9873956
Manufacturer #: 0E94830SRV
  In Stock

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    February 19, 2020
    Motor surging cleaned carburator and fuel Jet blew it out and all holes are clean am i missing something still surging thanks
    For model number 0052331
    Hello, Thank you for your question. Typically it says to replace the carburetor if cleaning all the ports did not solve the issue. The one you will need is: PartSelect Number: PS9873484. We hope this helps, good luck with this repair.

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      Carberator gummed up from sitting in storage. Fuel gone bad in the tank
      With a 12-in-one nut screwdriver I removed the two bolts holding the breather cover and air filter. Then I used about a 9/16 deep socket ratchet to remove the nuts holding the breather housing to the carburetor assembly studs. A pair of needle nose pliers was used to disconnect the throttle then I wriggled the breather cover away from the carburetor so I could get to the fuel line. I managed to pull the fuel line off the carburetor and from the shut-off valve at the tank. The carburetor slid freely and easily off the carburetor studs and I was careful not to damage the carburetor gasket since none came with the new carburetor. I used a single edge razor blade to free the gasket from the old carburetor. A very small amount of silicone lube was used on the gasket and then I sandwiched the old gasket between the carburetor intake and the new carburetor and attached the throttle connection. Before beginning the reassembly I unscrewed the shut-off valve from the tank and used a funnel to drain the very old fuel into a 5-gallon bucket. I made sure the valve was clean by spraying carburetor cleaner through it and did the same with the old fuel line, making sure everything was clear of any obstruction. Then replace the breather assembly back over the carburetor studs, snugged the nuts back on and then replaced the air filter and cover. I re-attached the fuel line to the fuel valve and the carburetor, added a half gallon of clean fresh fuel and was ready for a smoke check. Pulled the starter rope three times with the choke full on, then turned to half-choke and the puppy started right off. I then turned the choke completely off and the engined purred along. I then exercised the generator by plugging in and running a number of power tools for about 15 minutes. Followed standard shut off procedures and the generator is ready for use. Saving the old carburetor to be cleaned and held on reserve for the future. Might want to have another gasket handy or some gasket material should it have to be replaced in the future.
      Parts Used:
      • Robert from BATON ROUGE, LA
      • Difficulty Level:
        Really Easy
      • Total Repair Time:
        30 - 60 mins
      • Tools:
        Nutdriver, Pliers, Socket set
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