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DISCONTINUED – Part Number: 0042804
This part number matches the current model number 0042804
PartSelect #: PS774644
Manufacturer #: 0042804
  No Longer Available
Control panel glass – Part Number: 0042804
Control panel glass
This part number matches the current model number 0042804
PartSelect #: PS12594276
Manufacturer #: 0042804
  No Longer Available
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Spark Switch – Part Number: Y0042053
Spark Switch
PartSelect #: PS2181771
Manufacturer #: Y0042053
This switch is used with gas ranges and ovens. The part sits on top of the valve. Once the knob is turned it will create a spark that will light the gas and starts the burner.
  No Longer Available
Gas Burner Grate – Part Number: WP305810B
Gas Burner Grate
PartSelect #: PS11740668
Manufacturer #: WP305810B
This is a gas burner grate and goes over the stovetop on your range.The grate provides a balanced surface for your cookware to rest on while cooking. This burner grate is made of square wire and is bl...
  No Longer Available
Front Burner – Part Number: Y0042376
Front Burner
PartSelect #: PS2181905
Manufacturer #: Y0042376
  No Longer Available
Rear Burner Assembly - Plain – Part Number: Y0042375
Rear Burner Assembly - Plain
PartSelect #: PS2181904
Manufacturer #: Y0042375
  No Longer Available

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It was taking very long time to start
Replace the old with the new part.In five minutes it was like new.
Parts Used:
Front Burner
  • Dino from rancho cucamonga, CA
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
  • Tools:
    Screw drivers
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