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Convection Fan Blade
PartSelect Number PS3409337
Manufacturer Part Number 318398302
Installation Instructions
John from Stevensville, MD
replacing the fan on a convection oven (fan was making a vibration noise)
This was the first time replacing the fan. It is a lot easier to work in the oven compartment with the oven door removed, only two screws on the door and the hinges were released. I found that a couple of the screws were either rusted or stripped so I used a pair of pliers to remove the screws that were holding the diffuser in place. Once there was access to the fan I found that the fan was warped and that the blades were scraping against the back wall of the oven. The next challenge was to remove the retaining nut. I used a sheet metal screw to secure the warped fan to keep it from spinning. once I figured out that you have to turn the retaining nut to the right to loosen, it came off easily. 1/2" socket with extension. When I replace the fan I used two washers for spacers to make sure that the fan would not scrape the wall of the oven. Its been tested many times and the oven does not make that horrible sound anymore. Read more...
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Fan Blade
PartSelect Number PS1480806
Manufacturer Part Number WB06X10706
This fan blade, also known as a stirrer blade, is a genuine OEM replacement part for your microwave. This is a fairly easy repair. To complete it, you will need a screwdriver to disassemble the fan assembly. Unplug the microwave before you begin this repair. Remove the fan cover and existing fan blade, and screw the new one in place. Reassemble all parts.
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PartSelect Number PS10066087
Manufacturer Part Number W10758272
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PartSelect Number PS11751629
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10273667
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PartSelect Number PS3522731
Manufacturer Part Number 3B72559A
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Range Convection Fan
PartSelect Number PS11750485
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10213813
The fan motor spins the fan blade to circulate hot air through the oven for even heating.
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PartSelect Number PS11756904
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10641253
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Fan Assembly
PartSelect Number PS3528563
Manufacturer Part Number 5893W3A002D
Installation Instructions
The fan cover in top of the cooking area was burned.
The original cover was burned and actually caught on fire. Research informed me that food can splatter and stick to the cover. The particle will get hot enough to ignite the plastic cover. I ordered the cover and included the fan since it was so cheap, Replacement was super easy. Done in 10 minutes and made my wife happy. She was ready to buy a new microwave because she thought something was wrong with ours but food splatter was the cause. Parts were less than $10 + $6 shipping. Keep the inside of the microwave clean!! Read more...
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Microwave Cooling Fan Blade
PartSelect Number PS3528615
Manufacturer Part Number 5900W1A007C
This cooling fan blade is for microwaves. Cooling fan blade attaches to the shaft of the cooling fan motor and rotates to blow air over the magnetron.
PartSelect Number PS2343147
Manufacturer Part Number 5304468176
Installation Instructions
Microwave began arcing internally.
First called for a repairman. They didn't work on any thing over ten years old because "parts are not available". They would look at it for $86.00 service call. I found a video on You Tube that gave a good description of the problem and how to repair.
I first looked in the oven and found no bare metal that would cause the problem. I then removed the Stirrer cover and stirrer in top of oven where I discovered that the stirrer had been arcing to the cabinet. Easy fix. I sanded down the damaged area to clean metal then repainted with microwave paint. I installed new stirrer Part Number PS2343147 and replaced Stirrer Fan Cover. Microwave works like new.