How to Save a Wet Cellphone

Water damage is one of the most common ways a cell phone meets its death. To make matters worse it typically voids any warranty. Whether it's due to a spill, running it through a washing machine, or dropping it in the toilet (don't laugh ' 19 percent of people have lost their phones to the porcelain throne!), getting your phone wet sucks.

If you're a guy, you might want to consider holding on a little tighter to your smartphone in the future, because statistics have shown you're three times more likely to damage your phone with water than a woman is! And regardless of your gender, you might want to consider keeping your phone firmly in your pocket next time you're enjoying a beverage, because almost a third of water damage occurs due to drink spills!

After the panic of ruining your phone wears off, remember that you can save a cell phone from water damage. This infographic will show you the do's and don'ts of dealing with a water-logged cell phone and offers steps to make sure you don't end up with an expensive paper weight. One particularly helpful and easily accessible phone-saver is the humble grain of rice. Make sure you turn your phone off (if it hasn't already shut off), avoid moving it unnecessarily, dry it where possible, and get it into an emergency rice bag overnight. Your phone might be more savable than you think after an unplanned swim!

How to Save a Wet Cellphone

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