10 Most Popular DIY Sites

By Steve Ash

Got a project? Need inspiration or advice from pros? Looking for support from fellow do-it-yourselfers? Check out these top-rated do-it-yourself websites.

  1. Do It Yourself.com

    From washing machines to alternative finance, this site has it all!

    Pros and everyday do-it-yourselfers share tips and advice in a wide variety of home and lifestyle related topics. You'll find "how-to" instructions for installing household appliances and information or discussions ranging from furnaces to fishing, gas to gardening and a host of other topics including alternative financing strategies for buying your next home.

    Site Features:
    • Forums
    • Tips and instructions
    • Product Reviews
  2. DIY Network

    If you like the shows, you'll love the website.

    The do-it-yourself gurus at the DIY network share their vast knowledge on doing it yourself with projects, tips and advice. You'll find a large community of viewers, just like you, who share videos and pictures. Some of the show hosts have blogs where they share ideas that might not have made it to air.

    Site Features:
    • Host Blogs
    • Forums
    • Show Listings
  3. Make

    For the gadget junkie in everyone.

    Tech junkies and DIYers collide! The online community for readers of Make magazine has tips and projects for anyone interested in repurposing outdated technology or people looking to make things using items around the house. This is a grown-up's science fair with projects that are useful, fun and a little off-the-wall.

    Site Features:
    • Project ideas and completed projects
    • How-to instructions
    • Repurposing electronics
  4. Natural Handyman

    A professional handyman gives help to DIYers.

    The Natural Handyman offers his 35+ years of experience to do-it-yourselfers. There's nothing this man hasn't seen, and he shares it all. There is an extensive list of articles on everything related to home maintenance and repair. If you can't find the answers you need you can submit your question to the Natural Handyman himself.

    Site Features:
    • Question and answer section
    • Extensive library of articles
    • Find-a-handyman in your area
  5. Acme How-To

    A site for doers not dreamers.

    Packed full of information on home repairs and maintenance, you'll find instructions for any project on your list. This site is meant for people who have a project in mind and are looking for "how-to" more than "what-to" information.

    Site Features:
    • Glossary of terms
    • Forums
    • How-to instructions
  6. DIY Chatroom

    A place to chat about your projects, or anything else!

    A community full of do-it-yourself enthusiasts with lots to say and many stories to share. You can find out how old your appliance is based on the serial number, or what that strange noise coming from your fridge might be.

    Site Features:
    • Forum
  7. Easy 2 DIY

    A wonderful guide for new and seasoned do-it-yourselfers.

    This site has many great tools for any DIYer. You can find out how much wallpaper you will need for your project, what tools are necessary, and even approximate times for projects based on skill level and experience. This site has a lot of information about any tool you could ever need.

    Site Features:
    • Wallpaper and floor tile calculators
    • Materials and tools lists with specs and pictures
    • Written, illustrated and audio instructions
  8. HomeDoctor.net

    Planning and product advice for any project.

    This is a great site for the planning stages of your projects. It offers advise on scale, varieties of material available, ventilation, and many other things you need to think about before starting your project.

    Site Features:
    • Articles
    • Tips
    • Materials advice
  9. DIYnot

    Advice on what not to do when doing it yourself

    At this site you will find how-to instructions on everything from stain removal to home security. Since it is a UK-based site some of the products used for these projects may not be available, or may be available under different names in North America, but there is a lot of useful material.

    Site Features:
    • Instructions
    • Forums
    • DIY disasters
  10. Better Homes and Gardens Do It Yourself

    Creative ideas + lots of fun = great projects

    This site features many quick projects that can dress up a room or give you storage space you never knew you had. There are lots of instructions for easy projects that can add a certain something to any room, or the finishing touch to any project. The community section has a design star of the week and encourages you to share your project with everyone.

    Site Features:
    • DIY Wiki
    • Step-by-step instructions and basic techniques
    • Materials and tools lists

This list was created by comparing the number of visitors per month to various websites. The sites with the highest number of visitors are ranked higher on this list.

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