How To Perform An F1 Touch Pad / ERC Test

By Steve Ash

This test is easy to perform and will help you determine whether the Electronic Range Control (ERC, control board) or touch pad is defective when the F1 code is displayed.

Note:With some models, the ERC and the touch pad are one single unit and therefore this test is not necessary. The entire assembly must be replaced.

Warning:If you have any doubts in your ability or safety of the repair, please contact a qualified appliance repair technician.

  1. Disconnect the power to the range by either unplugging the power cord, or turning the power off at the circuit breaker. Always make sure the power as been disconnected properly before beginning this test.
  2. Access the control panel.
  3. Disconnect the touch pad ribbon from the ERC.
  4. Re-assemble the control panel. Make sure to check for any additional defects such as frayed or lose wires that could be causing the problem.
  5. Turn the power back on.
  6. Wait up to an hour for the F1 code to reappear. This could be accompanied by an alert such as a beeping sound.
  7. If the F1 code reappears, replace the ERC. If it does not, replace the touch pad.

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